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One of the benefits of the SuccessFactors cloud platform is the new functionality which is added every quarter.  One great one is the new Report Center, which most of its features are included with your SuccessFactors licences.

If you have not enabled Report Center, review it today. We recommend enabling this feature in your test instance(s) to review permissions, labeling and navigation. It is also recommended to update your internal training documentation. Once comfortable with Report Center in your test instance(s), move these changes into your production instance(s) for your end users.

Many SuccessFactors clients are still using the Reporting and Analytics classic view to access and manage their reports, which means they are missing out. With the release of the Report Center back in 2017, SuccessFactors software/product engineers provide reporting consumers and administrators a single place to access and manage all reports. Here are the highlights:

New central reporting landing page

Once you upgrade, all existing reports will now be listed in one place, the Report Center, that features single lists of all reports for admins and lists of shared reports for report consumers.

Access all your reporting tools types from one place:

  • Report Table = Ad Hoc reports: The same Ad Hoc reporting tools as before. Used for list reports, simple data extraction, to Excel, CSV, PDF and PPT.
  • Report – Canvas = Online Report Designer (ORD): The ORD is used to create printable, multi-page formatted reports, list reports, charts & graphs, schedule and deliver.
  • Tiles & Dashboards: Home pages tiles, online dashboards, track key processes, drill from Chart to list, deliver on mobile.

Quick action menu for easy report administration

Identify the reporting power users in your organization and empower those users to create their own Ad Hoc reports.  The report center provides a single, centralized location where report administrators can work. Through the Quick Action menu, you can perform the actions to run, edit, share, copy, rename, delete, export or import reports.  Reports can be scheduled to run on a recurring basis and can be categorized using labels.

Easily share reports with report consumers/end users

For users that cannot build their own reports, centrally build out reports for report consumers/end users and share reports built for them through the Report Center. Shared reports will show in their view of the Report Center.  Reports can also be scheduled to deliver automatically to specified recipients or user groups from SuccessFactors role-based permission groups.

How we can help

We have an affordable Report Center overhaul package available to assist you in:

  • Applying the Report Center upgrade throughout your landscape and making sure all your licensed reporting tools are implemented and working.
  • Training for managing the Report Center including roles base permissions, analytics user management, report authoring and report consumers/end users.
  • Change Management support to shorten the learning curve and increase solution adoption with end-user training materials on the new Report Center interface.

If no action is taken prior to Q3 2019, Report Center will be automatically applied to your preview instance to give you time to review the functionality before application to your Production instance in Q4 2019. As there is a change to navigation and permissions, as well as a new way to label and organize reports, we highly recommend you act now to enable this functionality at your own pace.

Interested in learning more about the new Report Center? Click the button below to contact us.

Author(s):  Mark  Farnan


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