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The consideration of moving payroll solutions/provider can be a sore subject.  Many companies live by the mantra: “If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it”.  Because of this, we find that many companies are running their payrolls using systems that have not been reviewed or updated in years.  We encourage our customers to evaluate their payroll processes and technology at least every 4-5 years.  This will help ensure that payroll is aligned with the overall company’s HR strategy and that possible process and technology improvements can be understood.  This blog will outline four areas customers should consider when evaluating their payroll solution:

  1. What is your overall HR strategy?

Rapidly, customers are moving to the cloud for their HR service and delivery model.  This only makes sense as technology and user experience are constantly changing.  Moving to the cloud allows you to regularly and rapidly adopt new or enhanced functionality.  How does your payroll offering fit into the overall strategy?  Is there a desire to move to the cloud or to enhance your user’s engagement?

  1. Have your payroll processes been optimized?

Payroll projects are very complex and labor-intensive.  Most times, once a company converts payroll solutions, they immediately go into “keep the lights on” mentality.  Due to this, many times companies never do reviews of their payroll processes to determine if any efficiencies or improvements can be gained.

  1. Is your payroll solution compliant?

This sound like a rhetorical question, but one that needs to be answered.  With legislations in constant flux, how well does your payroll solution/provider respond to these changes?  Do you find yourself behind in proper processing of taxes, garnishments, or reporting/filing?  These are not “nice to have” options. At a minimum, your payroll solution should support legislative requirements from the different levels of government.

  1. How well does your payroll solution integrate with other solutions?

You can have the most optimized business processes, but if data does not flow seamlessly, you find yourself dealing with manual and duplicate entry of data.  This leads to loss of data integrity, reduction in employee efficiency, and an overall cost to your business.  Again, payroll solutions should be robust enough to integrate with multiple platforms and technologies in a flexible manner.

If you are finding yourself questioning any of the above questions, hope is not lost!  SAP SuccessFactors offers a global word-class payroll solution with its Employee Central Payroll.  This is a cloud-based offering supporting 40+ countries which integrates seamlessly with Employee Central and.  Additionally, for those customers currently using SAP On-Premise payroll, there are tools and methodologies to help “lift and shift” to Employee Central Payroll without having to undertake a full implementation.

Exaserv offers clients readiness analysis for payroll to help determine if your organization is ready for Employee Central Payroll.  To schedule an analysis, please click the button below.


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