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SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding provides an easy, automatic, and personal way to improve new hire orientation and ease the onboarding process. The Onboarding module was acquired by SuccessFactors several years ago and quickly integrated into the BizX platform. This strategy made sense; give as much value as quickly to their customers as possible and provide a great user experience.

Onboarding 2018 is SuccessFactors next generation onboarding solution. We’d like to tell you what to expect and how to best prepare with their evolving solution. Onboarding 2018 will give you more flexibility and extensibility as it will have common data structures, business rules, document management with the full SuccessFactors suite. Mobile capabilities will also benefit from this significantly and a streamlined Fiori user experience.

Benefits and improvements

New Hire Experience:

  • Homepage (and optionally JAM) as employee portal
  • EC screens to collect personal data
  • Custom Objects for additional onboarding info
  • Dashboard to track Onboarding progress and perform Onboarding activities



  • Recruit-To-Hire new data mapping tool
  • Extension center for maintaining a ‘library’ of custom data collection needs
  • Document/form creation and mapping tool
  • Enhanced Onboarding activity options and configuration – including Role Based Permissioning support for task assignment.


Getting Onboard

So..  if you like this and want to get onboard with it… What to do? There is an extensive release program which spans from closed beta test, limited availability, early adopter programs, early adopter migration to general availability. Exact dates for these different phases are not published and we are currently somewhere between the closed beta test and early adopter programs.

What does it take to upgrade?

Now, this is an interesting question… There will be partial migration tools available as early as the 1905 release. Configuration can be migrated, but no Data (with the exception of documents). Likely there will be some manual work to guide configuration and ensure all goes well.  When migrated, SuccessFactors will drain processes from the old framework. New Onboarding processes will start in the new framework, and old processes will finish and close out in the old system until none are left.

Of course, the more you have customized your Onboarding solution, the more effort the upgrade will be.

Advice for customers who are implementing Onboarding now or in the near future – keep it as standard as possible, in preparation for the migration to Onboarding 2.0.


So, when will it happen? The general release (version 1911) of the new Onboarding offering is expected to be in Q4 2019. As early as the 1811 release (scheduled for Q4 2018), new clients/new instances will be provisioned on the new version (with some limited functionality). With the 1911 release, we expect current customers to be able to upgrade with full migration tools available. At the time of this general release, SuccessFactors expects full functional parity with the existing solution.

Current customers can sign up for early adopter migration but there will be certain ‘profile’ customers which will be desired. This profile is still TBD and your SuccessFactors rep can provide more info or we can check for you.

Exciting improvements and extended functionality coming soon!  If you have any question/comments, please put them in the comments below or reach out to us through:



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