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“Becoming is better than being.” —  Carol Dweck, Mindset.

In today’s business world, gone are the days where companies call all the shots, assured that talented employees would stay for the duration of their career, rather now, we exist in the “Age of the employee.”  As the world evolves, employees do as well. The paradigm shift occurs as economic success depends on creativity, innovation, talent, optimism, enthusiasm, determination, and good work ethic, more than required raw labor. Although we’ve seen this shift in balance, the goal of the employer is to entice, capture, and retain top talent. People are human, they have outside lives outside of work, and people are complex, with this complexity forces the employer to try to become more transparent and meet employee’s needs.

Employers are attracted to an organization which allows them to have a voice, be creative, opinions matter, and most of all feel as if they are contributing to the team. Companies flourish with top talent but they also need to figure out how to keep the Steve Jobs and Ave Duvernay’s from finding work elsewhere.  It all starts with communication within the workplace, ask these five questions to employees, have these conversations to help mold your organization into a culture in which an employee would not have a second thought about leaving the company.

  1. Is your employee experience (EX) engineered to promote hourly output or actual value? – It’s not about the number of hours you work each week that makes you a top employee, but rather your productivity in those hours worked.
  2. Are you looking to create a good cultural fit for your employees? – With any positions (i.e. Engineer, HR Specialist), make sure to structure your culture to support the employees needs and interest.
  3. Are you creating a culture that aligns with the needs of the whole employee? – Work is not conducted only during the normal business hours. Allow your employees to leave the office to attend conferences, meetings, to find inspiration, network, and learn to be of better service to the team.
  4. Does your culture support and promote learning and curiosity? – Innovation sparks from anywhere, at home, walking down the street, in the shower, or meeting with an old friend. Innovation = Cultivation.
  5. When was the last time you really examined your business practices as they relate to your employees? – Keep up with the pace of peers in the marketplace. Do not be complacent, what got you there, won’t keep you there. Build, grow, have conversations to find out what the employee needs to build a career with your company and not be constantly interested in searching for a way out or another opportunity. It all starts with conversation and feedback.
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