From SAP HCM on-prem to SuccessFactors

Upgrade2Success with Exaserv and SpinifexIT


Transitioning your SAP HCM on-premise solution to SuccessFactors cloud solution has never been easier. Exaserv and SpinifexIT combined their strengths to create this Upgrade2Success complete solution. The solution consists of a number of elements, all focused on reducing the effort and speeding up the process while maintaining superb quality. 


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Conversion of the SAP HCM on-premise setup and data 


Foundational Elements 

The first step of the conversion is to have a mapping from SAP HCM base elements to SuccessFactors foundational elements.


  • Our configuration compare tool checks the correctness and completeness of the conversion


  • SAP HCM personnel administration solution was mainly created to support time, benefits and payroll. SuccessFactors is a solution focusing on all HR processes, including talent management. The foundational elements within SuccessFactors should be designed to accommodate all these processes in the most effective way. SuccessFactors has significantly more foundational elements than SAP HCM on-premise. Use those to enhance your structure and accommodate for all HR processes.


Work and Live Events

The second conversion focuses on the work and live events in personnel administration (PA).


  • Our configuration compare tool checks the correctness and completeness of the conversion
  • Our test automation tool makes sure that all processes are testing thoroughly and continuously


  • SuccessFactors can assign reasons to events automatically based on the information fields you change. This can reduce significantly the data input errors regarding event reasons


Data Migration

The third conversion focuses on the data migration of the employee records.


  • Our data migration tool allows you to convert all employee data existing in your SAP HCM environment and will check for accuracy and completeness.


  • The most important question with regards to data conversion is how much historic data you will convert. While it is possible to archive a lot of employee data, it is important to keep in mind what data can enhance your analytics reporting especially related to trending reports.


Time, Benefits and Payroll Processes

The next part of the conversion focuses on the time, benefits and payroll processes (if in scope).


  • Our payroll conversion and compare tool assist with the complete conversion and comparison of the payroll environment to Employee Central Payroll (ECP)
  • In addition, the payroll control center will enhance and simplify your payroll processing on an ongoing basis.


  • A lot of organization made lots of enhancements to their payroll solution often to enhance automatic calculations of specific payroll components. Several of these calculations and processes have become standard within ECP.

Conversion of reports, analytics and integrations


Reports and Analytics

Every SAP HCM environment has many reports, some standard, most custom. Converting all these reports to the new SuccessFactors environment is not recommended. Legal reports are standard delivered in SuccessFactors, many other standard reports and analytics are available. All standard reports and analytics are based on global best practices.


  • The standard delivered reports and analytics, enhanced with our Easy Reporter tool will give you a full range of reporting capabilities that should cover all your requirements.



Every HCM environment integrated with many other internal and external applications.


  • The SuccessFactors environment brings all HR processes together through standard integrated processes. This should already reduce the amount of integrations needed.
  • In addition, Integration Center and our Exa Integration Toolset simplifies the creation and maintenance of the different integrations..




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