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So, you are thinking of choosing SuccessFactors as your HR platform for the future. But before you can make that decision you need to know what it takes to implement the different SuccessFactors modules. How much time is required from your team and who is responsible for what? This article will give you the highlights and a detailed resource requirement guide for download.

Most clients are not sure about the internal resource requirements as well as various roles and responsibilities needed for the implementation SuccessFactors Suite. The Platform is usually integrated depending on the on the type of organization while ensuring the best practices. Please see below the requirements you need to meet and the roles and responsibilities in adopting SuccessFactors platform and make sure you are not going to fail: 7 ways to fail a SuccessFactors Implementation

Project Sponsors

Companies have to have project sponsors advocate the project and come up with a vision for how they want it to work out before implementing the changes. Project sponsors also provide all the necessary resources in support of the project and use all their local powers to ensure that it kicks off. If there are issues the project team cannot handle, it’s the responsibility of the sponsors to find a solution to it. 

Project Management Office

Project Management Office (PMO) is crucial to keep the entire project on track and make sure milestones are met. They are th interface between the customer and vendor organization and help resolve project content issues and escalate within the customer organization.

Steering Committee

As the name suggests, the Steering Committee has the responsibility to steer the project in the right direction. They drive the decisions and review the project status monthly.

Core Team

This is the heart of the project and provides the expertise on the business processes. how to integrate it with the HCM platform and the direction it will assume. Additionally, the core team ensures that the design and redesign processes and the workflow of the project move on as expected. Besides, the team has the role of coordinating across the various key parties involved in the project in the organization and will sign off on the User Acceptance Tests.

Extended team

Another key client resource that features during the implementation of the digital platform is the extended team. The team is involved in validating that the process design is right and leads the team involved in evaluating the incorporation process.


Adoption is key to get a solid ROI from your SuccessFactors platform. Training will enable end users to use the system to its fullest. There needs to be a training and delivery team who takes the responsibility of developing the training plans, content and the training of the end users. Most content is readily available and included with your subscription.

Change Management

Depending on the current state of your organization and the willingness and readiness for change, you may need a change management team which can help to facilitate and direct the change.

The digital transformation of the workforce brought about by SuccessFactors Platform will ensure better employee engagement, improved productivity, cross-entities collaboration, better employee experience, and consistent skills & knowledge sharing.

Please visit the link below to download our detailed 17-page requirement guide :



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