Testing Services

Testing Services – Combining Manual and Automated Testing


There are several reasons why you should use testing services during your SuccessFactors deployment and quarterly releases.

  • Let your own resources focus on what is strategic to you instead of continuously testing your technology
  • Use manual test services to determine what can be automated
  • Increase your adoption rate by better quality and quantity testing
  • Don’t use expensive consulting resources to test your solution


Use of Manual Testing Services during the Deployment

4Deets manual testing services during deployment focuses on improving the regression testing during the iterations. Every deployment typically goes through three iterations. After each iteration, the team should perform a full regression test of the previous iteration results. Often these regression tests are underestimated, short cut or not done at all. 4Deets’ services focuses not only on executing those regression tests fully, but also makes sure that as many tests are automated as possible. Making sure that you are ready for the future.

Test Automation Approach

8 Steps of Test Automation

4 Deets uses eight steps within its test automation approach, going from scope definition to monitoring. 4Deets’ services covers all steps of the testing approach.

  1. Automation Scope Definition
    • Test automation should cover at least 75% of the tests required for regression testing, focus there first!
  2. Framework Set-up
    • We use best-of-breed open source solutions that are designed for web-based cloud applications.
  3. Environment Configuration
    • All configuration is maximized for adaptability and possible changes during release updates.
  4. Test Data Preparation
    • Test Data is crucial. Test automation is used to set up the test data.
  5. Automated Test Creation
    • Automated test are set up using the BDD (Behaviour Driver Development).
  6. Test Run & Analysis
    • One single environment to review all test runs and results. Use of test step reporting and failed screen shots.
  7. Automated Test Support
    • Focus on easy maintenance of test automation scenarios through focused micro team structure.
  8. Test Automation Monitoring
    • Automatic Notifications and dashboard monitoring.

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