Integrated Shared Services

Simply put, the Exaserv 4U Shared Services Module is a dynamic and scalable service bundle that complements and streamlines your current  HR services organization.   The heart of this Shared Services Module is the payroll center. 

The Exaserv 4U payroll center leverages the full range of HR SuccessFactors technology and process experience to spot light your most critical HR transaction driven processes and pain points.    

The unique payroll center playbook mobilizes Exaserv 4U resources to:

  1.  Engage the Payroll Center dashboard which provides the control and visibility though actionable data management. 
  2. Deliver Hyper Care support that monitors and identifies your payroll process issues.  
  3. Automate administrative tasks that free up time to focus on process correction and problem avoidance.  
  4. Utilize certified Exaserv 4U HR Specialists that provide continuous process innovation.

Collaborating with your HR service organization,  the playbook activity centers on:

  • Vendor management – where your HR data and HR files supply chain are managed and monitored to ensure the complete, timely and accurate exchange of your HR data with all of your outside vendors.
  • Review and audit of new hire data administration and on-boarding provisioning. 
  • Payroll audit and process management to ensure complete, accurate and relevant data will produce 100% pay accuracy.
  • 2nd and 3rd level case management to identify root cause problems combined with speedy problem and process resolution

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