Ensure Business Continuity

Within our Triple-E support, the second “E” covers “Ensure Business Continuity”. This part of our triple-e support makes sure that the system continues to work without breaks or interruptions. “Ensure Business Continuity” is covered by:

Break fix assistance

  • Post go-live support for all implemented SuccessFactors modules and integrations
  • Resolve and test issues and incidents per the SLA’s linked to the priority of the issue
  • Testing and minor modifications to the system required for SuccessFactors quarterly updates and or small business changes

Monitoring of the overall solution

  • Setup and review of proactive batch jobs and monitoring jobs in SAP and SuccessFactors
  • Monitoring (where applicable) of any currently deployed process/integration platform which facilitates the exchange of data
  • Monitoring of up-time of the SuccessFactors environmentMonitoring of quarterly changes by SuccessFactors

Key User Guidance

  • Advice and support on functional usage issues
  • Customer has client-specific forum to post functional questions
  • Customer has access to Exaserv’s best practice processes as a reference
  • Function advice for annual/periodical initiation of distinct processes (ex. goal management, initiating performance review cycles, deploying work schedule calendar…)

Refreshment Training

  • Clarification questions now that you have used the system for a while
  • Discussion on changes within your organization and its processes
  • Covering new features and functions on new releases of SuccessFactors and the impact on your processes

Reporting Assistance

  • Review and updates to existing SuccessFactors reports
  • Provision of occasional assistance to key users in the use of standard SuccessFactors reporting capabilities to build (and distribute via SuccessFactors) ad hoc reports, as needed.
  • Advice on which reporting tools to use for specific reporting requirements
An update on SuccessFactors releases

An update on SuccessFactors releases

As you know, SAP SuccessFactors has quarterly releases that happen four times a year. That will change. Starting in mid-2020,  SuccessFactors releases will occur twice per year. This release frequency won’t slow the amount of innovation you’ve come to expect, rather it will provide your company with more time to understand, test and adopt opt-in features.

SuccessFactors Testing Guide

SuccessFactors Testing Guide

Every enterprise HCM platform is configured to your specific processes and therefore needs testing. Cloud systems may need less than on-prem but testing is still vital for a well-performing system. Do you have your testing covered well? In this 14-page guide, we will dive into the different tests which are relevant to your SuccessFactors platform.



Many know that software testing is very important before rolling out to production and to critical users. But…. a few people like to do it. People expect software to work flawlessly but any bug or mistake can be blown up. Over the years, cloud software has made expectations even higher due to the architecture and controlled environment.

Ron McLamb appointed President of 4Deets

Ron McLamb appointed President of 4Deets

Atlanta, Georgia (September 10, 2018) – Exaserv, a global provider of business processes and strategic solutions for SAP SuccessFactors, is pleased to announce that Ron McLamb has joined the firm as President of 4Deets. Mr. McLamb will focus his expertise on accelerating adoption of the 4Deets platform – a QaaS SuccessFactors Automated Testing solution.

Exaserv Launches Successfactors Automated Testing Solution

Exaserv Launches Successfactors Automated Testing Solution

Atlanta, Georgia (August 15th, 2018) – Exaserv, a global provider of business processes and strategic solutions for SAP SuccessFactors, is pleased to announce that they have launched a SAP SuccessFactors Automated Testing Solution, called 4Deets.  With their unique approach, they provide the automated testing as a service that features daily reports and pre-built test scenarios. 


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