Enable your people

Within our Triple-E support, our first “E” covers “Enable your people”. Solution Adoption is mainly driven by making the people are able to use the system for those purposes they expect the system to be used for. So enabling your employees is key to the overall success of your solution. “Enable your people” is covered by:

Customer Success Management

  • Key customer contact
  • Ensures the customer is successful in deploying, running and using the designed solution
  • Follow up on issue / incident resolution
  • Manages and follows up eventual escalation
  • Provides recommendations on new features and functions at new releases
  • Guides customer to decisions on new features, functions, change requests and projects

Solution Adoption

  • Evaluate pain-points in the usage of the solution
  • Provide recommendations for remediation of pain-points
  • Provide refreshment training (see below)
  • Support marketing of the solution by: demos, demos, presentations, hand-on workshops
  • Customer has access to Exaserv’s best practice processes as a reference

Key User Guidance

  • Advice and support on functional usage issues
  • Customer has client-specific forum to post functional questions
  • Customer has access to Exaserv’s best practice processes as a reference
  • Function advice for annual/periodical initiation of distinct processes (ex. goal management, initiating performance review cycles, deploying work schedule calendar…)

Refreshment Training

  • Clarification questions now that you have used the system for a while
  • Discussion on changes within your organization and its processes
  • Covering new features and functions on new releases of SuccessFactors and the impact on your processes

Reporting Assistance

  • Review and updates to existing SuccessFactors reports
  • Provision of occasional assistance to key users in the use of standard SuccessFactors reporting capabilities to build (and distribute via SuccessFactors) ad hoc reports, as needed.
  • Advice on which reporting tools to use for specific reporting requirements

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