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SAP’s Employee Central global payroll solution is a cloud-based payroll service which provides a cost-effective payroll processing system that is accurate, timely and in compliance with all Federal, State and local agencies. Employee Central Payroll is available as a hosted solution which is integrated with SuccessFactors Employee Central. If your organization desires the ability to manage your payroll in-house via a cloud-based solution, Employee Central Payroll offers the same features and benefits as on-premise payroll solutions, while providing the security, scalability, and flexibility of the SuccessFactors cloud. There are many beneficial reasons to choose Employee Central Payroll service. Utilizing Exaserv as a partner in your deployment process will result in an even greater benefit both during the implementation time frame as well as on an on-going basis.

A Hosted Solution

A significant benefit of Employee Central Payroll is the reduction of hardware costs as there is no need to buy expensive servers and other costly hardware.

Support and maintenance costs are also reduced as software upgrades are applied on a regular basis by Employee Central technicians. The tax calculations will be kept current with tax rate updates and critical year end regulatory reporting updates will automatically be applied by Employee Central as well.

Additionally, Employee Central will ensure you are kept current on all new versions of the software, new modules and other additions. All updates are applied automatically and require no additional steps from you, the customer.

There are improved disaster recovery plans as Employee Central Cloud Payroll provides strong backup plans to ensure their solution is always available.

Flexible Functionality

Having your own dedicated Employee Central system allows your Employee Central Payroll system to be customized for your specific business requirements. Exaserv’s knowledge and deep industry experience allow us to assist you in implementing Employee Central Payroll efficiently and effectively. Exaserv consultants are highly skilled in implementing, enhancing, and upgrading the global Employee Central solution. We pride ourselves on exceeding our clients’ expectations while consistently delivering projects on-time and on-budget.


Employee Central is a solution for customers who want the benefits and convenience of a cloud solution but who also want the control of implementing and managing payroll in-house. Exaserv consultants provide both strategic and tactical assistance to ensure you are making the right decisions to update and protect your Employee Central Payroll investment.

Security and Data Protection

One of the largest concerns for most companies when they consider a SaaS solution is security. Both SuccessFactors and SAP have many security standards and mechanisms in place to protect its systems and its customers’ data. Employee Central uses security safeguards to help protect your employee information from loss, misuse, unauthorized access or tampering.

A Proven Solution

Serving thousands of customers in over 90 countries, SAP’s payroll engine is the most widely used solution in the world. Employee Central Payroll delivers legal compliance and best practices supported in 35 languages (dialects) and 22 countries. SAP’s dedicated specialists and country-specific experts stay on top of all federal, state and local statutes, so you don’t have to.

Payroll is a significant company expense and is subject to various legislative regulations, so your organization must ensure that the payroll process is accurate and reliable. It is crucial for SAP customers to get their payroll system implemented with pinpoint accuracy. As everyone knows, the payroll process must be correct and timely. It is extremely important that SuccessFactors customers looking to utilize the Employee Central Cloud Payroll make sure they engage established and experienced SAP payroll consultants.

Exaserv consultants have been involved in many SAP Payroll projects over the past 14 years in many countries including United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, Jamaica, and China. Exaserv utilizes the industry’s best practices and a team of committed experts to complete projects on time and on budget, every time. Exaserv’s payroll experts provide the payroll procedures to ensure a correct payroll calculation. We provide guidelines for reviewing payroll transactions and establishing controls in every step of the process. Having flawless payroll is a must when running a business. Calculating taxes and paying your hardworking employees the correct amounts is a vital responsibility as an employer. Selecting Exaserv to assist in the important process of implementing your Employee Central Payroll system is ensuring your organization receives the highest quality payroll implementation in the most quick and cost effective manner.


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