Payroll Center

The Exaserv 4U Payroll Center model focuses on HR Core process pain points:

  • Delayed and incomplete vendor data exchange and quality
  • Garnishment, leave absence, tax reporting and onboarding support
  • Employee data quality and repetitive long run audit tasks
  • Case management, responding to frequent and complex employee pay issues
  • Managing multiple pay cycles with diverse pay rules

The Exaserv 4U Payroll center module harnesses the power of the SuccessFactors core HR and payroll technology by delivering a play book of services to avoid the pain and focus on core best practices.

The  Exaserv 4U Payroll Center play book of services include:

  • Post payroll process of employment tax services and check processing and printing
  • Wage garnishment, unemployment claims services
  • 2nd and 3rd level case management to trouble shoot process defects
  • Vendor management to monitor and review that interfaces are complete, accurate and relevant data supplied from and to your vendor/suppliers
  • Expert level HR payroll process management
  • Review and distribute stalled workflows
  • Manage time off quota’s
  • Monitor and review pay cycle audit reports
  • Data governance with audit reports and review processes that can be served up to the Payroll Center support to monitor and protect HR highly sensitive data

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