Exaserv One

Exaserv One: Certified Packaged Solution for SuccessFactors


The largest advantage of a cloud solution is to use the latest functionality without pausing. With in-the-cloud technology, businesses can take advantage of the cutting-edge functionality.  Cloud solutions are known for its forward-thinking solution developments and ahead-of-trend user-group innovation.

YET, most companies focus on a one time implementation at the start of their life cycle and have no strategy in place to make sure they can take advantage of ongoing changes in their HR processes and/or the SuccessFactors solution.


Simplify HR with Exaserv One


The Exaserv One packaged solution offers clients a full comprehensive HR/Talent solution that focuses on maximizing the value of your SuccessFactors applications. Exaserv One combines all three major components:



Subscription to the SuccessFactors solution. Exaserv is a fully certified value added reseller (VAR) of SuccessFactors. Using a value added reseller has many advantages. Not only does Exaserv complete the solution through our additional services within the offering, but it also allows you to take advantage of the economies of scale.



Once you have the subscription, it is time to maximize the value of your solution. We will create an environment that inspires employees to make your business their career. Exaserv’s certified SuccessFactors consulting team helps you through the implementation of the solution and the support throughout the entire life cycle.



Technology is changing quickly. Business processes don’t stay the same in this ever-changing world. Exaserv will assist you in evolving your solution within your organization. Exaserv’s focus on continuous improvement includes on-going training, key user guidance, new release management and assistance with reporting.


Start Anywhere, Go Everywhere

Pick 1, 2, 3 or all 4 processes. Choose from several options within these four core processes. A flexibility that makes sense for your organization.


Exaserv One takes advantage of global HR best practices and Exaserv’s years of experience to deliver a model company template that allows our customers to roll out SuccessFactors quickly and efficiently.


No longer a large upfront investment

A simple fee per user per month covers subscription, implementation, customer care and continuous improvement. No more surprises, Exaserv One solution leaves the guessing out. Exaserv One is the first HR cloud solution that is fully PREDICTABLE.

Exaserv One Comparison

Exaserv One comes in two different flavors: Exaserv One-Go and Exaserv One-Quickstart.

Exaserv One-Go is geared towards customers national and international with less than 2500 employees and focuses on:


  • Usability and User adoption
  • Plug and Play
  • Go live between 8 and 12 weeks
  • Customizing for branding and culture

Exaserv One-Quickstart is geared towards more complex global customers and allows for more customization focused on country localization.



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