Perform and Reward Package

Performance, Goals and Compensation

Exaserv One – Perform and Reward

The Exaserv One packaged solution offers clients a full comprehensive HR/Talent solution that focuses on maximizing the value of their SuccessFactors applications. Exaserv One – Perform and Reward process includes goal management, performance management, compensation, and variable pay.

Engage your employees, ignite better performance, and retain key talent to drive better business results. Motivate your employees to perform at their best and create a true pay-for-performance culture through winning performance management and smarter compensation.

Continuous Performance Management

Valuable Feedback

Performance management is undergoing a much-needed redesign. In the new model, traditional annual appraisals are enhanced with continuous, frequent coaching and feedback. In theory, that’s all well and good…… but in practical speaking, how do you go about simplifying older processes and setting up new ones? Drawing on today’s most forward-looking ideas and research, here are innovative best practices, customer stories, and expert suggestions. Plus a whole new set of product capabilities from SAP SuccessFactors to support them. Read our blog on Continuous Performance here. 

The Influences of Performance and Rewards on Employees

The 6 rules

It’s a famous story about rewarding employees: “In a growing nail factory, leaders wanted to improve the performance of their workers. When the factory started to pay workers based off the total weight of nails produced, all the nails became bigger. When they then started paying workers for the number of nails produced, all the nails became to small.”

Many of us have first-hand experience with incentive schemes sending companies off a tangent, or even backfiring on their people’s productivity. It’s no surprise because most managers… Read more

Pay for Performance

Eliminate Excel in Compensation

SAP SuccessFactors Compensation helps compensation, HR, and business leaders dramatically improve budget accuracy, reduce risk, and enable pay-for performance as part of an integrated, SaaS-based talent management solution. Unlike personal productivity tools such as Excel, or other solutions that simply “reinterpret Excel spreadsheets,” SAP SuccessFactors Compensation streamlines and simplifies compensation planning, provides visibility and insight for total compensation management, and uniquely delivers pay-for-performance with automated calibration.



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