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Exaserv has over 14 year in the industry of change with SAP SuccessFactors. This blog will answer many of your questions on Change Management and provide you with some game changing tips and tricks to be successful. On a daily basis we see organizations invest considerable time, money and resources to implement new tools and processes. In a typical scenario, the inception of a new initiative has leaders working hard to obtain funding, sponsor support and secure project resources. Once these key elements are in place, the timeline accelerates and energy moves toward developing a tactical plan and getting the project launched. We love change, without struggles or failure. Ask any project leader who has managed through a difficult, or even a failed, change initiative and they can tell you that some of the biggest obstacles they faced were:

  1. Not fully understanding how, or at what levels, the proposed change impacted the organization.
  2. Resistance, anticipated or unanticipated, from people in the organization
  3. Being unprepared, or ill equipped, with a clear strategy for mitigating risk associated with that resistance.

Anticipating and planning for these potential “derailers” is a call to action for leaders. Experienced Change Management leaders know that there are certain elements that, when present, can greatly influence a projects success. Success, in this context, is defined by the project team’s ability to deliver the desired project outcomes on time and on budget with ensuring sustained or improved performance levels.  From our experience in the industry, these are the 6 key elements that can directly influence the success of project outcomes:

  1. Active and visible sponsorship – leaders understand the change and are actively engaged in the process
  2. Having a structured change management approach and resources dedicated to the managing the change throughout project execution and beyond
  3. Change Management plans that are integrated into the overall project plan
  4. Employees who are engaged and actively participating in the process
  5. Inclusion of a detailed Communication plan that emphasizes frequent and open communications
  6. Engagement with all levels of leadership, not just the executive sponsors

The role of Change Management is to ensure that these critical elements are in place and part of a  project execution. Leveraging Change Management expertise in the planning and execution of a project positions leaders to project results more quickly and sustain the change in the longer term. Are you curious how Exaserv can contribute and what our strategies look like?

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