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SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting helps you source, engage, and hire the world’s best talent. Unlike other approaches, we provide a comprehensive yet, simple solution that provides guidance to everyone, at every step. To help you along ,we provided you 3 key points to support you;

1. Source Talent Anywhere on Any Device

  • Global job distribution – Distribute jobs for more than 3,000 sources across more than 80 countries including job boards, colleges and universities and social networks. Reach candidates across geographies, generations and with specific interests meaning you can reach candidates for any role you have around the globe.
  • Line-of-site sourcing analytics – View analytics by job, source, campaign, or any number of data points to get at the data quickly. The diversity of sourcing channels drives the criticality for detailed analytics to inform sourcing strategies from visit through each step of the way to hire.
  • Search engine optimization – Search engine optimized career site and landing pages improve your site’s ranking on major search engines around the world to increase candidate flow at zero cost.
  • Marketing Central – Gives recruiters instant access to pick-and-post global job distribution and sourcing analytics provide instant access to sourcing effectiveness on each job – giving you the data you need to adjust strategies on the fly.
2. Engage and Nurture Talent for a Strong Candidate Experience
  • Talent community – Build talent pipelines and engage with active and passive candidates. This means you will have a quality pool of candidates to pull from, shortening your time to hire and cost per hire.
  • Modern, adaptive candidate experience – Manage one experience for your candidates, regardless of what device they are viewing it on, from career site to apply process, with responsive design it adapts to them to provide the best candidate experience. Career sites and landing pages can be created and managed on-demand in a self-service manner, meaning you can focus on engaging candidates, not managing your career site.
  • Localized –Google Maps for candidate location search places jobs on a map in the correct language with appropriate political boundaries and a candidate experience localized in 46 languages means that candidates are presented with the right, welcoming experience wherever they may be across the globe.
3. Easily Hire Talent with Simple Candidate Management
  • Mass candidate actions – When dealing with high volumes of candidates, moving them through an applicant process or dispositioning can be time-consuming. We have the ability to handle consistent, mass candidate actions to reduce the time it takes to manage large candidate pools to get at the best-fit candidates quickly.
  • SMS Notifications – Provides interview reminders, stage progression notifications and ad hoc recruiter to candidate communication. Meaning recruiters can reach candidates around the globe and in developing regions easier and faster.
  • Interview Central – Recruiters can manage the entire interview process from interview scheduling integrated with Microsoft Outlook to interview feedback and stack ranking candidates. All of these features mean everyone in the interview process knows their role, responsibilities are easily communicated and rankings help you select the best candidate
  • Online offer letter – From offer letter generation through to e-signature by DocuSign to historical and compliance tracking we have greatly simplified the process of managing offers and getting offers in front of candidates, and accepted, faster and easier than ever before.
  • Mobile Experience – From requisition approval to offer approvals, our mobile experience eliminates the hiring manager and recruiter wait times to fill positions faster.

Exaserv can help and support you with any of your Recruiting or Onboarding questions.

For any additional help, you can always reach out at info@exaserv.com or visit our Recruitment and Onboarding page.


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