Testing Makes Me Testy

Testing Strategy

Cloud-based applications such as SuccessFactors allow organization to reduce time-to-market and to stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest system features and options. Therefore, these applications require a different testing strategy.

Test Packages

4Deets Test Automation Packages come with 750+ standard automated tests ready to check your SuccessFactors Solution on an ongoing basis.

Testing Services

There are several reasons why you should use testing services during your SuccessFactors deployment and quarterly releases. These are all mainly driven by experience, completeness and automation

Test Automation as Central Solution for QaaS

Test Automation


Test automation is the process where test cases are executed with the assistance of tools, scripts, and software. 4Deets is focused on offering test automation as a service which allows clients to focus resources in other areas.

Manual Test Services

Humans are smart and creative. Usability testing is a test which determines if an application is easy to use. This is a good example of where humans are better equipped to the task than automated testing.

Quality as a Service

4Deets delivers Quality as a Service (QaaS), which includes test strategy, test packages, customer-specific testing and test data creation through Robotic Process Automation.


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