In the 2017Q4 Release, the following improvements will be provided:

  • In the SuccessFactors application, on first time login users will be shown a cookie acknowledgement message (as well as whenever a cookie policy changes) so that they acknowledge SFSF Cookie Management policy.
  • Native learning data privacy reporting has been added to the native learning system for those customers that have not yet adopted the platform.
  • A new service that will collect a candidate’s profile and application data in the system and offers this as a downloadable report. This can be used to equally collect data of internal or external candidates (beta-version, only in Preview).
  • Audit Logging of Changed User Data in Recruiting Marketing: Automated process that will track the changes to Personally Identifiable Information(PII) in RMK and store the data for reporting. The system will store the before and after values, the user or API that made the change and timestamps for each change.
  • Information and Change Audit Reporting: Reports that can be generated by the client for Talent Community Members and Client Administrators/Recruiting Dashboard Users through the RMK Client Admin.
  • Data Privacy Consent Statement (DPCS): Feature used to present the client’s Privacy Policy to Talent Community Members and track their acceptance to the published version of the Consent Statement.


Planned changes in the 2018Q1 Release:

  • Change Logging: Logging and Reporting of any changes to Personal Data (First Name, Last Name, etc.)
  • Read Access Logging: Logging and Reporting of any view of Sensitive Personal Data (Union Membership, Sexual Orientation, etc.)
  • Data Subject Info: Customer can report on a user’s data stored in SuccessFactors
  • Data Purge: Data Retention configuration and support for permanent data purge
  • Data Blocking: Access to historical data (for example, past performance reports) can be limited
  • Consent: Ability to obtain consent when candidate (a) applies, (b) agrees to receive future job postings (recruiting marketing/ management), etc.