In today’s business environment, high employee engagement has a positive
impact on business performance – it increases profitability, productivity and
safety, and it decreases turnover and absenteeism. But average employees often
find engaging with HR through a desktop solution, it’s not their primary business tool,
they are usually overwhelmed by all the options available and they often forget how
the system works. Companies that take advantage of the immediacy and ubiquity of
mobility can bridge this critical engagement gap and, as a result, enjoy the significant
competitive advantage.

Bring HR Closer to Your Employees

As an SAP SuccessFactors customer, you can extend your employees’ HR experience
simply by turning on mobile access for your organization. Your employees will be
more engaged, more productive and much smarter about the way they work. Your
workforce can complete HR tasks more quickly and perform strategic HR activities
more frequently, improving your business agility and increasing your user adoption of
SAP SuccessFactors.



SuccessFactors Mobile PDF


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