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“You need to have a collaborative hiring process.” – Steve Jobs. How can you ensure the highest quality talent within your company or organization? Well, great talent does not grow on trees but sometimes it can be right underneath your nose. Why do you feel as if hiring managers revealed that 40 percent of employers are struggling to fill positions for the new year, because it’s real out here, and the process in which it is conducted is all about the proper technique?  This technique can be easily learned but to master this, it takes practice and much repetition. With today’s Top Five best practices to keep in mind during candidate sourcing, you’ll be closer to filling those empty positions in no time.

  1. Avoid basic, run-of-the-mill searches – Move away from generic results searches and narrow down search results by highlighting hidden talent pools and resumes that include keys words such as create, administer, deploy, develop, and configure.
  2. Take Advantage of multiple sources – step outside the normal social media sites, sourcing networks, and resume databases to explore innovative sourcing pipelines such as hosting an open house or actively getting involved in the local community.
  3. Dig a well before you’re thirsty – Stop waiting for a position to become available to start looking to hire, consistently conduct a search, this way once position is hot on the market, the hiring manager has someone who qualifies in mind and can extend an offer ASAP.
  4. Leverage, but don’t depend on, your tracking system – ATS are valuable souring tools but simply use this as a leverage versus a crutch. ATS systems are limited, this is where the recruiter and hiring manger shine, to source out the best potential for the open position.
  5. Don’t post and pray – these days are long gone of posting a job description, praying that a seeker will hopefully apply. Use the above techniques to source out high quality, skilled, and motivated individuals that can adapt to the company culture and overall grow within in the organization.

With these five tips/techniques to practice, you’re sure to be a filling open positions in record time. If interested in developing a standardized recruiting process of moving toward a cloud-based recruiting system, contact Exaserv at 678-808-4000 or email us at info@exaserv.com


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