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Every year 25% of the US workforce changes jobs which means an effective and timely onboarding process is needed for that percentage.  New hires are an integral part of any organizations workforce and the better the onboarding process, the quicker the new hire becomes effective at their job and the more they contribute.  Here are some best practices for creating your onboarding process:

  1. Automate the paperwork. With all the digital software out there now, there really is no reason an employee should have to hand write all of that paperwork.  This cuts down on resources used and the chance that some of that could get lost.
  2. Expedite. Send as much out in advance of the first day as possible. If it can be completed before their first official day, have the new hire do it.  This allows you to cut out the time it takes to get all those signatures before introductions and training can begin.
  3. Provide a welcome packet. Tell the new hire about your company, some of your policies, and about their role. Small personalizations could go a long way as well.
  4. Organization. This might seem obvious, but having a checklist that is run through for every new hire will keep you organized.  This also helps relay a good first impression to the new hire.
  5. Have a schedule. Do not leave your new hire wondering what is next or what to do.  Keep them on a tight schedule during the workday for the first few weeks. This helps them orient with the company.
  6. Set Expectations and Responsibility. Go ahead and set short term and long term goals that are achievable for the new hire and have a manager meet with him/her regularly to check in on progress.

These are some best practices that you can easily put into place in your current onboarding process.  If you are interested in creating a standardized onboarding process or moving your process into the cloud, you can contact Exaserv at 678-808-0400 or email us at info@exaserv.com.

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