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“If you engage people on a vital, important level, they will respond.” – Edward Bond. Did you ever think using an Applicant Tracking System (ATS); your organization can mirror your current career site via implementing a SuccessFactors module? If that answer is no, guess what, you’re wrong. SuccessFactors offers a module with extensive features and functionality which integrates with your current ATS system called, Recruiting Marketing (RMK).

Recruiting Marketing is a SuccessFactors most recent tool included in the Recruiting Suite which allows organizations to attract, engage, and select the best talent match for posted positions. RMK allows companies to attract talent directly to you as well as capture that same talent inside and out by providing a more robust candidate experience versus the simplistic Applicant Tracking System. By using this web-based solution to gather, distribute, and market job postings to applicants, RMK offers specific features which makes this module stand out as far as visualization and branding are concerned. Those features include but not limited to: Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Mobile Optimization, Social Matcher, Talent Campaigns, Smart Job Distributions, and a Custom Landing Page.  RMK allows users to source and engage the candidate all in one platform.  It’s all about the candidate experience at the end of the day, because ultimately you want two things:
1. Drive them to your site and 2. Grasp and draw their attention while on the sitemaking them want to join your organizations’ team.  Enough with all the fluff of this tool, let’s get into the seven key elements of RMK.

  1. Career Site: provides a complete marketing experience for the candidate.
  2. Talent Community (TC): passively engage interested candidates consistently whenever jobs are posted which the candidate will be of interest.
  3. Integrate with Applicant Tracking Systems: works seamlessly with SuccessFactors Recruiting Management System as well as any other ATS system.
  4. Advanced Analytics: used to gather data from your ATS and RMK to create full line data from the time the candidate applies to the time they are hired. Great for reporting and compliance purposes (i.e. source types, how many people qualified or visited the site).
  5. Job Distribution: RMK makes your jobs visible in places where your ideal candidates are spending most of their time: social media networks and aggregators.
  6. Social Network Sharing: Deliver job listings automatically and consistently to social media sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn.
  7. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Candidates typically go to search engines first, when starting their job search. SEO programmatically builds your site where the job listing will be listed higher in the search results.

Let’s not make your external career site a Drag, why not Brag using Recruiting Marketing as your career site to attract, engage, and excite potential candidates to not just your site, but to join your company team.

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