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With the large range of options available in Employee Central, it can be a challenge to determine the best way to implement SuccessFactors foundation. Some of the following best practices can be used to simplify and streamline the design and roll out of Successfactor’s foundation HR module.

1. Create a (global) template. While some countries may possess specific compliance and government requirements, it is best to use global standardization whenever possible. Take advantage of as much “out of the box” functionality. Keep reminding yourself about the potential customization “obstacles” that may appear and result in higher maintenance costs. The other part of this is to establish a governance to support a global template. Once the implementation is complete we can’t have pockets of regional people doing whatever they want. A small group of decision-makers need to establish a process for global enhancements.

2. Identify and involve super admin users early. The sooner, you have the people who need to maintain the system involved the better. You want to expose these future system experts to the new world. Make it a learning opportunity for administrators to develop from the ground floor in order to get a full understanding of the system.  It is much easier to walk through the system together than to throw documentation over the wall on your way out the door.

 3. KISS. Keep it simple. Configure for the scenarios that happen 80% of the time, not the exceptions that only happen infrequently. Sometimes, we as technology gurus might feel tempted to write “clever” solutions that use complex features. The fact remains, a simpler solution is better than a complex one because modest solutions are easier to maintain. Typically, it will be someone different maintaining the solution, so to make it easier on that next person. This allows for a more structured approach to interfaces/integrations.

4. Governance. Try to have the core team as small as possible, while still making sure that enough members are available to answer country-specific requirements – it gets difficult to maintain scope when the team is too large (too many cooks in the kitchen). Key qualities for each team member:

  • Empowered to make decisions without repercussions
  • Understanding of project implementation methodology
  • Understands and promotes change management
  • Supporter of system


Additionally, it’s crucial to have the right executive support. Not only to make decisions but also to make sure there are enough resources available.

5. Vision. Be cognizant of future requirements and how they will fit with other modules that you may want to implement down the road. Think of the big picture and don’t limit yourself by configuring for the current state only. This means, do not re-purpose standard fields, if you need something different, use a custom field. There is no certainty what SuccessFactors might do with the field in a later release and that could complicate how you have repurposed the field.

6. Solid Foundation. Don’t deviate from delivered foundational objects and structures. This sounds complex but think of it as a house. The foundation keeps the house standing and will make sure yoBlueprint.jpgu can make use of it for a long time. Foundational elements consist of; Foundation objects (e.g. Company, Job Classification, Pay Grade, etc.), Associations (relationships), Generic objects (meta-framework), Organization structure and propagation (Auto-population of field values). The set-up of the foundational elements in the right way is crucial as reporting depends on it. For example not taking divisions into account but just setting up all the departments will creating a report at a divisional level very challenging.

Employee Central has amazing benefits; Visibility and reporting on the entire workforce, reduction in admin load, self-service for employees, information at everybody’s fingertips. Learn more about the benefits.


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