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The end of the year is coming for everyone. For your employees, this will probably mean a warm and joyful holiday season and a closing of their final tasks for the year. For companies, this period can be experienced as a stressful time with lots of tasks to think about with trying to get an overview of all the tasks needed to be done and making checklists with what not to forget.

The leitmotiv for such activities is “Start on Time! Don’t procrastinate, don’t wait for the last moment because another project is using all your resources and/or time”. Think again at the fact that you want to feel good during your holiday season!

As an implementation consultants, we advise to make from your end of year activities, a “mini-project”: establish a timeline, identify the (internal and external) resources needed, set on your timeline who will be needed at which time, identify also the risks and if any, the new decisions to be taken. Mitigate your risks and set deadlines on your decisions to be taken; it will not only facilitate your communication with the persons that need to take decisions if they are aware of the deadlines but it will also help you to stay on track. Speaking of staying on track and since we will work on project mode, follow on weekly basis your timeline and deadlines. Finally, if new rules/calculation needs to be set up and you don’t feel confident to make the changes yourself, your preferred Professional Service Partner will help you in the new implementation. Contact them on time to check that your timeline is in line with their availabilities. Working in project mode is not mandatory, of course, but will be for sure helpful to reach the go-live on time.

As we approach the new year, the SuccessFactors Learning Management System (LMS) can be utilized to support the HR and Legal Departments in recording annual/yearly policy and compliance documents with automated employee assignments, dashboard tracking, and even electronic signatures. Many companies also leverage SuccessFactor’s LMS for manager coaching ahead of the annual performance review process ensuring and goal-setting and career development planning for the upcoming year. Once the courses are ready, they are delivered automatically to affected managers and end user.

Team Exaserv wants you to enjoy the Year End and provide you with some tips and tricks to make closing the year less stressful for SuccessFactors clients. See it as an early season present!

This checklist will provide year-end to-dos for the following modules:

  • Performance and Goals
  • Succession and Development
  • Compensation and Variable Pay

We understand that taking care of these actions can be a lot of work where you did not calculate within your busy agenda. Please fill out the form below to download the SuccessFactor’s end of the year checklist.

Author(s): Bryant Bateman, Frédéric Bottin, Kate Cieplik, Mark Farnan

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