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There are a few factors on what a successful SuccessFactors implementation project depends on.

  • A low Pricing
  • Guaranteed Qualified consultants
  • Time Managements
  • To Care for and Think along with your business
  • Offer a complete package.

And that is where it most of the times go wrong. With a complex system like SAP SuccessFactors. It might be the case you are looking at 5 different implementation partners, but your ideal one is a mix of 20% partner one 30% partner two and 50% partner 3. That’s why Exaserv can help out with one of the few partners who offers Partner Manage Cloud.  Partner Manage Cloud (or PMC) is a brand new availability since the start of 2019. We call it Exaserv4U. Only a few partners who have .. criteria are able to offer this service. You can see it as an all in one service, which delivers not only:

  •  The lowest costs
  • A integrated suite like you desire
  • Experts who can take care of anything you need or want

How do we do it? We welcome you to the Exaserv SuccessFactors Servers. It’s the place where we maintain and work on SuccessFactors. It’s totally secure, works Cloud based, just as you are use to and gives you SuccessFactors like everyone else in the world. Partner Manage Cloud does not obligate you to make use of all our services we provide. You can simply choose what we do and what you keep inhouse.

Here are some benefits of regulating your suite by Exaserv:

  • Reduces your headcount
  • Always the right experts on the task
  • Changes can be made more easily

So what is Exaserv4U?

  • One single Vendor
  • Licences under very low costs
  • All your needed expertise taken care

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