When is the Right Time?

“Success is simple. Do what’s right, the right way, at the right time.” – Arnold H. Glasow. You’ve worked countless hours to become an entrepreneur and what you thought was a dream becomes reality, starting your own business.  As a startup company or even a company which has been running for many years now, an entrepreneur can wear several hats, becoming heavily involved in the entire company, rather human resources, marketing, payroll, sales, etc.

There comes a time where this go-getter needs to take a step back, reassess and truly think about how this is affecting their business and most of all the employees.  Regardless of your company’s size, juggling several balls at one time eventually becomes messy and inefficient.  Just imagine your company is suffering due to your inability to ask for help.  A famous song once read “We are all in this together,” and together we will succeed.   Entrepreneurs must learn to be open minded leaders, leaders who ultimately take an unbiased look at their own process and know when it is time to designate persons for particular tasks, specifically HR.  I know what you’re thinking; you can conquer the world but below are four indications which inform you that adding an HR Department may be a better idea.

  1. Apps can only do so much – although the world is tech savvy apps do not replace people. Instead take the apps and use that to assist the HR team (i.e. hiring process). Together, technology and people are a powerful team!
  2. Employees aren’t proactive – Usually with startups, there is one employee which is assigned the role of covering HR related issues when they arise, working part-time, resulting in holes in the system. In return, this leads to more reaction versus being proactive. Not having a fulltime HR person may result in a less sustainable organization.
  3. Someone without HR experience shouldn’t handle HR – HR professionals hold several skills and responsibilities, therefore, an employee with no HR experience or knowledge of the lingo, can lead your company down a dark hole. Instead, hire someone who manages employees accordingly and can solve HR related issues when the company runs into problems.
  4. The cost of having no one doing HR is expensive – Cutting HR-related costs can lead to expensive legal risk in the future. Just think, hiring, firing, demoting, paying, and promoting employees leads to significant consequences under the law if not handle properly. What better way to solve this expense than by hiring a HR professional.

Rather in-house or not, HR Departments can lead to more reward that failure for your overall organization.


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