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There are different support models and offerings in the market. As you might know, you run into issues of finding the best consultants, the best solutions, and the best price for the work being done. From our experience, we have noticed that many companies do not have a support model in place.. No model results in not having a system of handling hours, tickets, and having the expertise from a high level consultant.

Exaserv’s support buckets provide an easy way to get access to our support services. Exaserv offers silver, gold, platinum and diamond buckets, with commitments ranging from 50 to 550 hours.

Our support process is very straight forward. You enter tickets into our Jira environment every time you experience an issue, have a question or need something new for your SuccessFactors. Jira enables both you and us to monitor the progress and quality of the support request. Gatekeepers will triage the ticket validating and updating the type, priority, effected components and actionability. Ticket priorities range from informational to very high. Response times will depend on priority and emergency.

Although it seems relatively simple, there are pros to operate under a support bucket bundle, and there are cons to not operate under our bucket system. They are as listed:

Pros:                                                                                                            Cons:

– Fixed price of hours                                                                               – Break/fix can take a lot of time

– Help within 24 hours                                                                             – Cost efforts to find right consultants

– Emergency response time                                                                    – Not guaranteed a low price

– SuccessFactors high level consultants team                                     – Possibility of lower level expertise consultants


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