Test Packages

Reduce the Burden of Automated Testing

Most Test Automation Solutions are tools you can use to create your own automated tests. While these software solutions are extremely flexible and can be very useful, they do put the burden on you to create and maintain these tests.

4Deets Test Automation Packages come with 750+ standard automated tests ready to check your SuccessFactors Solution on an ongoing basis. 4Deets will automate your custom specific tests and make them part of your test automation. 4Deets reduces the burden of automated testing. We will create, maintain and monitor all tests. 4Deets is a complete test automation service. We cover the following SuccessFactors processes:

Perform and Reward

  • Including Performance Management and Compensation Management

Recruit to Hire

  • Including Recruiting and Onboarding

Hire to Retire

  • Including Employee Central

Learn and Develop

  • Including Learning Management, Succession and Development

Features and Benefits

750+ pre-defined tests

4Deets automated solution starts with 500+ tests across all the different modules of SuccessFactors. In addition, we will add any customer specific test scenario and maintain it for you.

Runs, monitor and maintains all automated tests

All test are run either weekly or monthly. Results are reported back to you immediately. Tests are updated if any changes occur due to quarterly releases and/or customer changes by 4Deets Team.

4Deets maintains all test data

One of the major components of a good test strategy is the test data. 4Deets will maintain the required test data for you. Test data is updated when it becomes invalid or obsolete by the 4Deets Team.

Automated testing during deployment

Regression testing is often underestimated during the actual deployment. 4Deets test automation can be used throughout the different iterations of your deployment and during UAT to ensure a successful go-live.

Customer-Specific Automated Scenarios

4Deets will automate your specific tests and make them part of your test automation processes. 4Deets will not only create them, but also maintain, run and monitor them.



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