Interactive HR

There are three converging forces that will shape your future as you look to transform your HR Organization.

  • The impact of technology and how people work.
  • Widely dispersed workforce driving complex organization structures.
  • Demand for collaboration and communication to streamline decision making.

Exaserv’s interactive HR solution harnesses these converging forces through its innovative technology solution with its adaptive Change Management methodology to enable your HR future readiness

Exaserv 4U Cloud Services extends the Exaserv world class technology and support model to include an adaptive Change Management methodology. This approach aligns the Project Management of technology delivery with the Change Management planning.   Exaserv 4U positions the impacted employees to be ready for the change impact while the technology is being built.   The Change specialist is your guide through each stage of the change process.

Exaserv 4U engages  our Change Specialist as your guide through each stage of the change process.

Key Steps to take: What it means “4U”and the project?

Adopting a “Change” mindset and engaging a team that recognizes the impact managing change has on your project outcomes is essential.  The first and most important step is to ensure change management is a part of the over all project plan from the beginning planning stages.  Having resources dedicated to managing change and cascading information internally is also critical.

Often, organizational change management is not a capability already embedded in an organization.  Engaging an implementation team with Change Management expertise is then the ideal option.  Change resources, especially those included early in a project, can be valuable partners in creating the vision for change.

How does having integrated change management capabilities contributes to project success?

Change Management Leaders can:

  • Support the project planning process and help assess the magnitude of change to your organization
  • Identify and engage key stakeholders, change champions and sponsors internal and external to your organization
  • Align project and organizational goals with communication and engagement efforts
  • Develop tactical communication plans and assist in crafting key messaging
  • Provide strategies to mitigate risk and resistance
  • Partner with project leaders and training teams to gauge associate readiness and identify gaps in training and skills
  • Facilitate leader training programs to ensure organizational readiness to manage through change

Together, project leaders and change leaders can develop a more strategic holistic plan. Leaders who are supported with change management resources feel more empowered to lead their teams, respond to resistance and work through obstacles that could impede a project’s success.

A skilled Change professional, or a project team with change management expertise embedded in its core offering, is a strategic asset. Does your upcoming project have change as part of their strategic plan?


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