SuccessFactors Deployment

Once you have the subscription, it is time to maximize the value of your solution. We will create an environment that inspires employees to make your business their career. Exaserv’s certified SuccessFactors consulting team helps you through the implementation of the solution and the support throughout the entire life cycle.

Customer care does not start after the implementation; it does not stop after a certain time. Exaserv’s customer care starts from the moment we are in contact with you. Exaserv will guide you through your transformation journey.

Exaserv Care will cover the Discover, Prepare, Explore, Realize, Deploy and Run phases of the project.  Exaserv Care Methodology leverages the SAP ACTIVATE methodology. This is the recommended methodology from SAP/SuccessFactors that has shown to consistently give the best results and most on-time project launches for our customers.

Exaserv Care Methodology consists of six (6) phases:

1. Discover

The Discover phase starts from the moment you start looking at SuccessFactors as a solution. Exaserv pre-sales and sales team will help you understand the solution better through demonstrations, documentation, customer testimonials and conversations.


2. Prepare

The Prepare phase lays the foundation for a successful implementation, starting with the Project Setup, creating a Road map and Approach, and initial system setup starting with best practices in place.


3. Explore

The Explore phase encompasses taking the plans and requirements determined in the Prepare phase and applying them to the system. We then explore the solution together with our customers and define the needed changes to fit the business needs.


4. Realize

The realize phase is where we are refining the solution through an iterative process with our customers. Together we’ll conduct walk-throughs and test cases in the development system, identify and resolve gaps discovered during these processes. At the end of this phase we’ll have user acceptance testing (UAT) which will be the bridge into our next phase.


5. Deploy

During the Deploy phase the team prepares for cut-over and go-live. We start with user acceptance testing sign-off. The production environment is prepared, we complete any cut-over tasks, the Customer Success transition occurs, and the Customer is supported through go-live.


6. Run

During the Run phase the team will further assist your key users with break fixes, functional support, solution monitoring and updates.



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