Quality as a Service

4Deets Deliverables

4Deets delivers Quality as a Service (QaaS), which includes test strategy, test packages, customer-specific testing and test data creation through Robotic Process Automation. ​

  • Test Strategy – Define test strategy for your SuccessFactors Solution from planning, test data, coverage, execution and reporting. ​
  • Test Packages – Automated and Manual Test Packages covering all SuccessFactors processes. ​
  • Customer-Specific Testing – Enhance automated tests with customer-specific scenarios. ​


Key Features of 4Deets
  • ​700+ Predefined Tests across different process areas​
  • Behavior Driven Testing focused on assuring that the system behaves as expected
  • 4Deets is built on the most current and advanced technology
  • Automated test packages for all HR/Talent Processes​
  • Tests can be executedweekly, monthly, quarterly, or on-demand
  • Continuous maintenance of all test scenarios throughout the lifecycle of your solution
  • Comprehensive real-time reporting
SuccessFactors Testing Guide

SuccessFactors Testing Guide

Every enterprise HCM platform is configured to your specific processes and therefore needs testing. Cloud systems may need less than on-prem but testing is still vital for a well-performing system. Do you have your testing covered well? In this 14-page guide, we will dive into the different tests which are relevant to your SuccessFactors platform.



Many know that software testing is very important before rolling out to production and to critical users. But…. a few people like to do it. People expect software to work flawlessly but any bug or mistake can be blown up. Over the years, cloud software has made expectations even higher due to the architecture and controlled environment.


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