Cloud Integration SAP – Other Applications = Boomi and/or HCI (Hana Cloud Integration)

Boomi Atomsphere provides the industry’s leading integration platform-as-a-service, to allow connectivity between any combination of cloud and on-premise applications without the need for coding, software, or appliances. The Boomi platform can connect to almost any application, which allows for a wide range of integration possibilities.
Through its long list of standard integration packs, Boomi allows for a fast implementation of best-practice integration scenarios. If none of the standard integration packs fit the business process, Boomi provides a building platform to create custom integration processes that can vary from very simple to very complex processes. Some of the integration points are:

  • Won opportunities (CRM) to Invoice
  • Order to Won Opportunity (CRM)
  • Customer account information from e-commerce/billing to SAP
  • Synchronize product catalog from CRM to SAP
  • Update SAP with employee data from Payroll
  • Import invoice/ payment info from financials to provide visibility to sales
  • Orders/invoices and shipment notifications to EDI


Boomi for SuccessFactors

SuccessFactors customers rely on Boomi AtomSphere to automate their HR business processes and integrate critical data to other software throughout the organization. Boomi AtomSphere is the go-to integration platform to connect SuccessFactors and SAP ERP. SuccessFactors offers a list of standard integration packs for integration to SAP ERP based on best-practices, which allow for a faster implementation of the desired integration process.

How can we integrate our cloud or on-premise solutions? How to automate the integration between SAP and SuccessFactors? How to make sure your specific requirements are fulfilled?

Exaserv can help you with your questions and provide you with a plan on how to improve your existing business processes with Boomi Atomsphere.