Best-run manufacturers respond to changing market conditions by shifting operations toward customer-responsive processes. By aligning global manufacturing with these processes, they can accelerate innovation, optimize manufacturing networks, deliver quality products and deliver products to market faster than ever.

Keep your operations performing at peak efficiency and get the flexibility you need to quickly adapt to market changes with manufacturing software from SAP. Designed for businesses of any size, our solutions can help you accelerate innovation, produce high-quality products at high profit margins, and reduce the cost and effort of compliance.

Optimize your entire manufacturing operation

Streamline your manufacturing processes from design to delivery with our manufacturing solutions.

  • Sync internal production operations with customer demand
  • Track material and products across the value chain
  • Facilitate handover between development and manufacturing and between manufacturing and sales
  • Establish environmental, health, and safety measures
  • Manage change to product manufacturing
  • Simplify the user experience on any device – with SAP Fiori UX and Personas