Add-On Products

Add-On Products

Exalerate Ci is a dynamic, configurable tool that takes your SAP HCM business processes from the back office to the portal, allowing you to extend the reach of your SAP HCM business processes and get more from your SAP HCM investment.

Exalerate Ci allows you to web-enable key transactions and employee actions that were previously only accessible through the SAP GUI. All of your business logic, data checks, and dynamic actions are reinforced through Exalerate Ci, so you don’t spend time developing what you have already configured.

Exalerate Ci is fast to implement and its unique configurable screens and processes mean that, unlike other portal-based HCM solutions, you don’t have to rely on costly developers or programming. Exalerate Ci’s intuitive interface and tight integration with SAP speeds user adoption and reduces training costs. With Exalerate Ci, you see results faster.

Key Benefits
  • Provides a single portal-based solution for all PA and OM actions, as well as approvals
  • Intuitive easy-to-use user interface
  • Fast ramp-up with minimal training needed
  • Workflow allows your managers to validate data before its submitted to the backend
  • The look and feel of screens can be easily configured by HR – without needing programmers

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As a company, you invest a significant amount in your employees and you want these valued employees to hit the ground running on ‘day one’.

Human Resources requires all of the necessary employment, payroll and benefits data verified and finalized. Employees must pass government and company required background checks. Security access must be granted and IT assets must be allocated. All of these items must be completed before an employee begins doing the things you hired them for.

To simplify and streamline specific company-mandated new hire processes, Exaserv has developed Exalerate™ Onboarding – for SAP ERP HCM. This tool minimizes unnecessary time and effort or ‘double-work’, for both the organization and the employee.

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Forms Management
  • Central repository for storing and completing all new hire, transfer, and off-boarding forms online
  • Features customizable online forms that include any data fields that you need to capture
  • Data may be entered by applicant, manager, and/or HR
  • Supports the secure collection of banking information, personal details, tax withholdings, etc.
  • Ability to enter or notate garnishments in New Hire Action
Security Management
  • E-Verify data is automatically populated ensuring accurate validation of candidate information
  • I-9 Form is automatically submitted via government web service to validate eligibility to work in US
  • Electronically captures verification of I-9 and routes it, cutting down on HR paperwork and storage
  • Ability to interface to any 3rd party electronic background check service
Tasks Manager
  • Customizable task list drives work-flow processes and deadlines for data entry
  • Provides a role-based task list that supports custom instructions for the task owner
  • Ability to flag overdue tasks and schedule e-mail notifications for expired tasks
  • Task Manager can be used for other HR processes such as off-boarding and company transfers
  • Easy-to-use editor for screen modifications
  • Electronically store your company code of conduct, safety manuals, videos, external websites, etc.
Integrated with SAP
  • Designed to pre-populate and mirror existing SAP HCM actions
  • Seamlessly ties to Exaserv’s SAP ERP HCM user interface, Exalerate Ci
  • Date and time stamps are included on every task in the system and are stored in SAP
  • If using SAP E-Recruiting, profile information, education and work history are auto-populated
Key Benefits
  • Web-based employee portals
  • Electronic form management
  • Task Management
  • Electronic E-verify solution
  • SAP E-Recruiting compatible
  • Customizable task list
  • Automated approval routing
  • Pre-populated SAP actions
  • Screen modification editor
  • Task sequence tracking
  • Dynamic role assignments

Exaserv has developed a unique interface tool that produces health plan enrollment and participation files according to the HIPAA 834 transaction set guidelines. Most importantly, it is fully operational out-of-the-box and contains pre-defined configuration points to adapt to your specific SAP HCM settings, making it easy for you to get it up and running for your company.

User-Friendly Interface

Exaserv’s HIPAA solution features a customizable interface schema that allows you to easily add, omit, move and control any of the segments of the outbound EDI. This provides easy control and manipulation of the data exchange according to variations in the interface requirements per customer or vendor.

Flexibility for the Future

The current data exchange scope of the HIPAA 834 transaction set includes: sponsor details, vendor details, third party details, subscriber and dependent demographics, health plan participation (Active, Retiree, COBRA, Surviving Dependents, etc.) and primary care provider.

Future versions of the HIPAA 834 transaction set include, but are not limited to: life and disability insurances, beneficiaries, FSAs & HSAs, and retirement savings accounts. Exaserv’s HIPAA solution has been developed to provide ongoing flexibility in anticipation of future expansion in the scope of HIPAA 834.

Key Benefits
  • Single, user-friendly interface for all healthcare vendors
  • Fully compliant with ASCX12 standards and HIPAA 834 guidelines
  • Flexibility to adapt to future regulations expansions
  • Quick implementation – first test file ready within 24 hours
  • Customizable interface schema for easy control and maintenance

Maintaining the SAP HCM environment has historically been a job for HRIS, IT professionals or consultants. At Exaserv, we thought, it would be nice if the HR super users could easily maintain their environment.

Now you can! The Exalerate AdminTool™ allows you to customize your environment to fit your needs and preferences through the portal.

  • You want to create a new personnel area … you can!
  • You want to maintain the benefit plan cost … you can!
  • You want to create a new wage type … you can!
  • You want to … … you can !

The Exalerate AdminTool™ allows you to maintain all these scenarios by using easy web input screens. These scenarios not only check the data for accuracy, but also make sure that the underlying guidelines of your implementation are being followed.

Components of the Exalerate AdminTool™

The Exalerate AdminTool consists of three different components:

Administration Tool

This is the front-end solution of the tool. It allows the administrators to create and maintain the customizing data through scenarios. The scenarios are seamlessly integrated in the Exalerate Ci Solution or can be used through a stand-alone menu.

Scenario Manager

The scenario manager allows you to create, maintain and structure the different scenarios in a multi-level menu.

Screen Customizer

The screen customizer can be used to create or modify the actual content and the look-and-feel of the data entry screens. You can easily add help text wherever clarifications can be helpful.

Benefits of the Exalerate AdminTool™

Maintaining your administrative data can be done through the portal using a single screen approach for all scenarios.


The tool allows you to control which scenarios are made available to the portal. Each scenario can be customized to accommodate your company’s standards and procedures.

Key Benefits
  • Bring customization to the portal
  • Combine multiple steps from the backend IMG into one screen
  • Create or maintain new data
  • Create your own scenario
  • Integrates with Exalerate Ci 4.0
  • If it can be done in the IMG, it can be done here
  • Maintain only the fields you absolutely NEED
  • No need to see/touch the backend
  • Controlled maintenance

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