Finance and Controlling

Leverage new and more effective ways to handle market volatility, changing regulations, and increased pressure on margins – with financial management software from SAP. These solutions help you get an integrated view of their finance functions, tap into real-time performance insights, and close the books quickly and accurately. Improve financial results and return on capital employed (ROCE) – while reducing the risk of non-compliance.

Predict: Dynamically model and predict the financial impact of strategic decisions to enable instant insight into action through holistic view of finance and operations.

Execute: Increase the efficiency of finance operations through automation, flexible deployments, and intuitive self-service access to financial information

Control: Proactively reduce risk across finance and operations to confidently meet and exceed regulatory disclosure and compliance mandates.exa_fi1



SAP Finance and Controlling

SAP Finance (FI) is used for reporting for external accounting, producing financial statements, meeting legal requirements and compliance with GAAP standards. Through the FI module, accounting data related to customer, vendors, inventory, and fixed assets are stored in sub-ledgers from which balance sheet and profit and loss statements may be generated. SAP Controlling (CO) module is Managerial Accounting and it provides operational information that is useful in planning, decision-making, and business analysis. CO is used for an internal accounting reporting and helps management to coordinate, monitor, and optimize of costs and operations of the organization.

SAP FI Components

  • General Ledger Accounting
  • Accounts Receivable Processing
  • Accounts Payable Processing
  • Fixed Asset Accounting
  • Bank Accounting
  • Funds Management
  • Legal Consolidation
  • Special Purpose Ledger
  • Travel Management

SAP CO Components

  • Cost Element Accounting
  • Cost Center Accounting
  • Profit Center Accounting
  • Internal Orders
  • Product Cost Controlling
  • Activity Based Costing
  • Profitability Analysis

Manage Financial Performance, Control Costs, and Execute Strategy

SAP software helps professionals plan and allocate resources to accommodate rapid market change and align performance with strategy. It defines strategy, models cost drivers, improves forecasting, and reports and analyzes data. The result is increased profitability and a closer match of tactics with vision.

Accounting and Financial Close

A fast, accurate, compliant close with less cost and effort. SAP software allows accounting teams to record data supporting multiple companies, currencies, charts of accounts, principles, and industry requirements. This closes books and creates statements following legal requirements, translating into an on-time close that has greater insight, accuracy, and compliance.

Treasury and Financial Risk Management

Increase insight and control for managing cash, liquidity, and risk. SAP software simplifies working capital, risk management, and compliance for complete transparency and control. This gives better insight and mitigates risk. Control over complex demands safeguards adequate liquidity, driving growth and innovation, and preventing exposure to growing risks in the world market.

Collaborative Finance Operations

Improve finance efficiency through increased automation. SAP software supports efficiency and scalability through automation, smooth execution, and a shared service delivery environment. By enabling automated, repeatable, and consistent processing of core financial transactions across various locations, finance can increase quality while reducing costs and effort.

Manage Enterprise Risk and Compliance

SAP software automates risk, compliance, and international trade activities, leveraging best practices in a scalable manner. By proactively preventing risk and compliance violations, it helps reduce cost and effort, optimize business operations, protect revenue streams, and improve financial performance.

SAP Innovations

New innovative technologies and solutions deliver greater value by enabling efficient communication and effective business insight to stay ahead of competition.


Ability to handle large volumes of granular data and perform analysis in-memory at zero latency to improve decisions in real time.


Unwired employees have to be equipped with full access to process financial approvals and make agile, informed decisions anytime, anywhere.


Targeted, relevant insights from strategy to execution to help organizations focus on key performance indicators and financial impacts of decisions.


Fast and flexible deployment of business processes to transform and optimize financial processes for companies and subsidiaries.

Top 10 Ways How SAP Can Help Finance Add Value to the Business

1)     Achieve Financial Excellence

Enable Finance Transformation to Better Support Business Needs

2)     Get Immediate Financial Insight for a Better Run Business

Finance as a Strategic Advisory for Forward-Looking Business Strategiesexa_fi2
3)     Leverage Comprehensive, Integrated Finance Processes

Seamless Finance Processes for a Holistic Organizational View

4)     Get Anytime, Anywhere Access to Financial Information

Put finance data into the hands of finance and non-finance team members

5)     Grow your Business with Global Finance Solutions

Finance Solutions Support Market Expansion with Regulatory Complianceexa_fi3


6)     External Recognition for Finance Expertise

Market Leadership across Portfolios to Support Finance Goalsexa_fi4


7)     Benefit from Expertise in Finance Best Practices

Achieve Faster Time to Value with Pre-Packaged contact and services

8)     Support your Growth with Innovative Technologies

Flexible Options for Modular Deployment for Maximum Scalabilityexa_fi5


9)     Join a Vibrant Ecosystem for Finance Professionals

Global Network of Partners, Customers, and Communitiesexa_fi6


10)  Hear About Proven Value for Customers

Customer Benchmarks Reveal Significant Performance Improvements