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The nature of HR work is changing in business. Technology offers a variety of options to get work done quicker, without constraints due to geographic distributed workers and matrixed organizations. However, studies show that most organizations are not prepared to react to this change. Many are just now thinking about a strategy for future work and how to get started.

The implications of complex process matrixed organizations has revealed that 57% of work gets done through collaboration with colleagues in other locations than their own. 60% need to coordinate with 10 people to complete their work.

In our digital age internal barriers and walls are being eroded to make way for synergies and business intelligence that drive competitive advantage. One of the trends is for HR Shared Services and Center of Excellence to increase its scope of service beyond traditional ‘back office’ work into the ‘front end’ of the business.

This requires, first, overwhelming adoption of technology to take over the administrative/ transaction heavy lifting. Second a single source control point that can monitor and control these automated processes to ensure the work gets done, accurately and completely.

Once the heavy “back office” transactional work has shifted to either automated robots or a Cloud service provider, the business of moving your culture to High-Performance workforce that is positioned to take on the “front office” work needs to shift. The latest studies that polled SHRM and other HR Leaders reveal the % agreement on these top organizational behavior attributes:

1. Adaptive and Agile 81%

2. Collaborative 63%

3. Engaged 48%

4. Innovative 47%

Interested to learn more about this topic and speak with peers who have implemented this in their organization? Please let us know and we can bring you in touch with other organizations who can share their experience.

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