HR Start Thinking More Social, Media That Is

By: Brittany Boykin

“The power of social media is it forces necessary change.” – Erik Qualman. As human capital management software innovation is at an all-time high, on-demand, mobile human resource applications, which include in-memory technology and social media, drive this magnetic force. Five years ago, several software companies put very few resources into on-premise talent applications, however, starting off 2017, social media and cloud-based HR applications are the go-to applications to create highly interactive platforms where organizations can discuss, share, and conduct on-premise talent management.  Through the usage and growth of social media, you’ll start to see a trend in companies going towards social media as well as using cloud HR applications via mobile device. As HR or HCM is a collaborative effort in general, this should not come to surprise that on-demand HR is very popular; this allows people to access applications at their own pace and time on any particular device. People are inherently social, so why not get on board by implementing social and on-demand HR applications within your organization. As the workforce is becoming more mobile and global, this is the perfect time to engage in cloud HR apps such as SAP or Oracle.  Social media as well as cloud based HR applications change the way individuals and organizations communicate as they are the fastest growing industry, dominating the way organizations operate now and in the future.