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HR implementations that make sales happy and go live early may seem unheard of — but they are possible with the right partner (Exaserv). Following a very smooth 18-month implementation that featured many early roll-outs, the HR department of a major U.S. flooring maker has set its sights on predictive analytics.

“Can you believe predictive analytics and HR data? … that is where I want to go,” Jana Kanyadan, CIO of Mohawk Industries, said during the SuccessConnect keynote last month. “We’re thinking of moving to SAP HANA, integrating the data structures and improving our predictive analytics.”

HR departments can use predictive analytics for turnover modeling, talent forecasting, targeting retention, recruiting and more, according to Recruiter.com. Much of HR’s success with new technology will rely on the department’s access data across the organization — but that will also present certain challenges.


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Know When to Call a Time-Out

“Human resources, having access only to its own HR-specific data, can only answer so many questions,” Lisa Rowan, research vice president of HR and talent management services at IDC, stated in TechTarget last month. “You can’t really address that bigger picture — of bigger strategic business objectives — with just the HR data.”

So knowing when to retool can be critical, especially if you cannot access critical data, according to Mohawk’s Kanyadan. After five years of botched implementation attempts — one involving a payroll module that couldn’t reconcile with financials — Kanyadan decided to call a time-out.

“In the middle of 2015, we evaluated and started our project with SuccessFactors,” Kanyadan said. “Within a period of 18 months, we are live with every module, including SAP Benefits, SAP Payroll and all of the modules of SuccessFactors.”

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