The HCM Cloud

At Exaserv, SAP HCM is one of our passions. Exaserv’s consultants are highly skilled in implementing, enhancing, and upgrading global SAP HCM and/ SuccessFactors Solutions. We will make sure your offices around the globe take full advantage of the features and benefits of SAP HCM software.

Our highly effective template approach makes it simple to integrate SAP functions across multiple locations. Talent Management Workshops Our consultant-led workshops focus on strategic issues within talent management. Unlike typical workshops that only discuss high-level concepts, ours address and resolve your company’s unique challenges, paving the way for a successful implementation or rollout.



Onboarding is a critical part of a strategic talent management program. With SuccessFactors Onboarding customers get a personalized, easy-to-use, automated solution that increases productivity and engages team members.  By incorporating the latest onboarding best practices, and emphasizing employee socialization, SuccessFactors Onboarding helps you consistently and efficiently convert new hires into engaged, empowered, productive employees.


The Onboarding solution connects new hires with the right people and relevant information before their first day by providing quick ramp up and creating new hire retention.  With SuccessFactors Onboarding, you get improved process efficiency, improved compliance, and faster time to contribution. SuccessFactors takes a strategic approach to onboarding with a key starting point to fully integrated talent management and sets the stage for employee success in every area.


HR Renewal

HR Renewal is part of SAP’s HCM core renovation program (product/solution) and is aimed to boost the productivity of HR professionals and increase HR efficiency by delivering end-to-end processes, with even better user experience, combined with improved and faster insight into the workforce in real time.


The modern user interface provides an enjoyable experience for your employees, managers and HR professionals and a single point of entry for all important business processes.

Contact us for a demonstration of this true innovation.

Travel and Expense

With the acquisition of Concur by SAP, you can now manage your business travel, from planning to expense reimbursements. Designed for the way you travel, Concur’s solution lets you travel smarter, spend better, get reimbursed faster – all while staying in compliance with corporate policies and delivering on your business goals.

The solution lets you:

  • Control your travel – from pre-trip approval and online booking to travel receipt capture and expense reimbursements
  • Get real-time guidance to stay within your corporate travel policies for planning trips and submitting expenses
  • Enter and submit receipts and expense reports anytime, anywhere, for faster approval and payment
  • Understand your corporate compliance standards, booking policies, preferred travel suppliers, and expense limits
  • Manage your travel and expenses effortlessly, so you can concentrate on your business goals, manage travel on your mobile device



Plant Maintenance

Plant Maintenance is an integral part of the logistics function and is fully integrated with other components including Materials Management (MM) and Production (PP).

For our customers we have created a user-friendly solution using SAP Screen Personas. This allows us to not only simplify the actual input screens but also streamline the actual processes.


In SAP, the plant maintenance function includes three areas: inspection, prevention and repair. The inspection process identifies the condition of the equipment at the time of inspection. The preventive maintenance process is used to keep items at their in good condition and within operating tolerances. The repair process is required when equipment needs to be restored to its optimal operating condition.

Sales & Service

Customers are still the driving force for all companies. Making sure that your organization is aligned to your customers is now more important than ever. The front-line to your customers are your Marketing, Sales and Customer Service teams. Deep customer insight and personalized engagement is key to stand-out from the competition and deliver a relevant experience to your customer. Make sure that your marketing, sales and customer service teams is equipped with the right tools, SAP cloud solutions.

  • Know your customers like never before
  • Guide your customer’s experience every step of the way
  • Turn prospects into promoters