Employee Development

By: Nicole Cronin

The annual or bi-annual process of performance reviews identifies your top talent as well as your low performers.   Depending on the situation, a development plan can be considered for both.  Your top performers may be successors to key positions but not quite ready; therefore, a development plan can be used to bring up their readiness.  Low performers should have a development plan so that they can increase their productivity for the organization.  Getting these plans to stick is the key. Development planning often seems like an afterthought; whereas, it should be a core process.  It helps both the employees and the organization.  So how do we make the plan quantifiable and how can these plans be tracked?

  1. Check the Relevance: Will the knowledge be used? The development plan should be focused on skills in a current role or for skills in a future role.
  2. Set Obtainable Objectives: Being obscure in an objective is not beneficial to anybody. Make sure they can be achieved and have clarity on the task.
  3. Set How They Will Be Achieved: Will this be a classroom setting, an online course, or more of a long-term plan focusing for example on communication? The learning method should be decided at the creation of the goal.
  4. Track the Progress: The development plan is not a create it and leave it until the next year type of thing.  You should make it a point to communicate with the employee regularly to discuss their development plan.

With these four suggestions of making development goals quantifiable and achievable, your organization can get on the road to making employee development part of your core HR process.  An easy way to track these goals, outside of spreadsheets and documents, is by implementing the SAP SuccessFactors Development and Career Planning module.  This allows you to keep track of each employee’s goals identifying who is on track and who might need a nudge or reminder.  If you are interested in learning more about development or implementing the Development and Career Planning module, give Exaserv a call at 678-808-0400 or email at info@exaserv.com.