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Eric Wood Presents a SuccessFactors Learning Webinar 04/30/2014

SuccessFactors Learning - Key Features and Product Functionality
April 30th, 2014
11 am EST - 12 pm EST

Join us on April 30th for a dive into SuccessFactors Learning as we review key features and product functionality and discuss some of the latest highlights introduced to the product with the b1402 release from SuccessFactors.  Our webinar will focus on core product functionality of SuccessFactors Learning, including the user experience, types of learning to be managed within the LMS, and key product features for end users and admins to all be aware of.  Develop an understanding of how the LMS handles learning plan management, catalog searching, training evaluations and exams, required training and retraining dates,  social learning with SAP Jam, and managing required training across the entire organization.  We’ll wrap up with an overview of some of the highlights from the latest release for SuccessFactors Learning (b1402) and include a short demo of the product before opening up for Q&A.  We look forward to helping you gain a better understanding of SuccessFactors Learning and how it can take your learning organization to the next level.

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Exaserv is excited to announce partnership with The Resource Cloud 04/15/2014

April 15, 2014

Exaserv is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with The Resource Cloud (TRC).  This partnership allows Exaserv to be able to be a full service resource provider to our customers.  Together with TRC, Exaserv will have the capability to expand its breadth and reach of resources at a moments notice.

"Scaling our workforce to meet the needs and demands of our customer and industry has always been a challenge for Exaserv.  With our partnership with The Resource Cloud, this will give Exaserv access to a highly qualified pool of of resources.  A win-win solution for our customers."  Bryant Bateman - President, Exaserv

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Exaserv is pleased to announce it's 10 Year Anniversary! 04/08/2014

2014 marks a big milestone for Exaserv and it's employees.  Exaserv is celebrating 10 years of successfully meeting and exceeding customer's expectations.  In 2004, Wim De Smet, CEO of Exaserv, had a dream to build a company that would not only implement Human Resources IT solutions, but to build long lasting relationships with customers and partners.  From a small group of employees in a single office to today where Exaserv has offices in multiple countries, the dream is still alive!

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How Carmeuse Leverages Employee File Management to Drive HR Operational Efficiency 02/19/2014

How Carmeuse Leverages Employee File Management to Drive HR Operational Efficiency

It’s not a surprise to anyone that the workforce today sends and receives more information and content than ever before. In the realm of HR, content-rich channels such as social media, documents, portals, and recruiting campaigns are behind a huge shift in how HR teams handle content creation, information access, and regulatory compliance.

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Exaserv proudly announces a large SuccessFactors project kickoff with an international food, finance and insurance conglomeration. 01/12/2014

Exaserv proudly announces a SuccessFactors Employee Central, Performance and Goals and Recruiting Management project kickoff with an international food, finance and insurance conglomeration who is taking their on premise HCM solution to the SuccessFactors cloud.  Given the global nature of their business, our client is looking forward to allowing all employees/members of their family to access the same internal HCM solution and ultimately maximize their backend efficiencies.

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Exaserv is happy to announce participation in HR2014 Conference in Orlando. 01/01/2014

al HCM Consulting firm specializing in SAP and SuccessFactors HCM will be an exhibitor at this year’s SAPinsider conference in Orlando. HR2014 is the most important learning event of the year for teams that use, evaluate, deploy, and support SAP® and SuccessFactors functionality for HR. At this four-day conference, HR and IT teams will have available to them more than 100 in-depth sessions, a packed agenda of networking events, and hundreds of demos showcasing the latest updates and best practices for HCM. Attendees will hear from SAP and SuccessFactors about the latest innovations and future roadmap plans while interacting with other customers who encounter the same challenges every day. 

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Exaserv announces a SuccessFactors Performance, Goals, and Learning project kickoff with a global engine products manufacturer in the automotive industry. 10/10/2013

SuccessFactors and SAP – Better Together with Process Integration 08/19/2013

Join SAPexperts as we host Victoria Banks and Kevin Koser, both of Exaserv, who will be delivering an exclusive webinar on SuccessFactors and SAP.

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Exaserv is a presenter at the California HR Conference in Anaheim, CA, August 26-28 08/15/2013

Exaserv announces SuccessFactors Performance, Goals, Compensation and Succession project Kickoff 08/01/2013

Exaserv proudly announces a SuccessFactors Performance, Goals, Succession and Compensation project kickoff with a family owned food market chain based in Denver, CO who couldn’t be more excited to maximize their effectiveness of employee performance, rewards, compensation and overall success as employees.  Without question the solution will help to reduce turnover, increase employee satisfaction and in the end return a better product to its customers. 

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Exaserv becomes global service partner of SuccessFactors, an SAP company. 05/21/2012

Atlanta, GA - April 23, 2012 – Exaserv, a global SAP HCM and Talent Management solution provider, announced today the global partnership with SuccessFactors to implement SuccessFactor’s BizX software. This partnership further strengthens Exaserv’s HCM and Talent Management footprint to ensure a comprehensive approach to the implementation of a world-class HCM solution.

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Exaserv, a provider of global SAP HCM solutions expands it's business in Belgium. 11/01/2011

Eindhoven, NL– November 1, 2011 –  Exaserv, an global SAP HCM solution provider and partner for SAP® Belgium, announced today they will open a new office in Aalst, Belgium in conjunction with their new partnership agreement with SAP Belgium. Aalst was the next logical step because of our connection to Delaware Consulting and our founder’s ties to Belgium.  Exaserv is one of the largest exclusive SAP HCM consulting companies in the world.

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