The HCM Cloud


As an early global partner with SuccessFactors, Exaserv is one of the few SAP partners that is certified to implement SuccessFactors BizX™ software. We pair our extensive SAP HCM implementation experience with years of in house add-on software development, making Exaserv an ideal partner to implement SuccessFactors in any organization. In a world where cloud and hybrid cloud solutions are quickly becoming a standard part of enterprise IT solutions, Exaserv and our highly trained consultants are uniquely positioned to help lead clients through that transition.

The HR function is moving beyond automating processes, reducing costs, and compliance — to drive people decisions that grow the business. However, the majority of today’s HRIS solutions serve merely as filing cabinets for record keeping with no business impact. Silo’d from talent, they prevent companies from making workforce decisions based on a 360-degree view of the employee. They also feature primitive analytics that provide minimal insights into the workforce and no support for workforce planning.

Another shift is the employee demographic. More technology-savvy people — those who have grown up using collaborative, user-friendly, and graphic technology — are now entering the workforce. However, today’s Core HR systems are made for super-users and specialists.  Using these systems requires extensive training and results in low adoption. Finally, current onpremise Core HR solutions are expensive to implement and maintain, deliver little innovation, and are difficult to upgrade.  A New Approach to Core HR — SuccessFactors Employee Central is the industry’s only Core HR solution that not only provides comprehensive, integrated Core HR capabilities — it is specifically designed for business execution.

Integrates with Talent

Through seamless integration with talent, Employee Central provides the ability to make more impactful workforce decisions. By using complete employee profile, talent, and core HR information, companies are able to make more well-informed people decisions — setting goals aligned with employee strengths and interests, promotion, and  development driven by a complete view of the employee, and effective onboarding, among others.

Includes Actionable Analytics

With all workforce data in one place and support for financial and operational data from external systems, Employee Central helps HR measure the workforce business results link, and make decisions that impact financials. Based on 30 years of expertise, it provides simple reporting tools, 2000+ built-in metrics, benchmarks for any company, and support for trending and drilled down analyses.

Supports Collaboration around Business Goals

Employee Central enables employees to leverage their talent, Core HR, and personal profile data to collaborate on business goals. It provides intuitive tools to form groups, network, and share knowledge around common goals, interests, projects, work experience, locations, and much more.

Provides Enterprise-Grade Core HR functionality

Employee Central is an enterprise-grade Core HR solution driven by effective dated entities. It provides support for any combination of business units, geos, or cost centers to model and manage any workforce. It enables HR to quickly implement any job structure without code, spreadsheets, or offline processes. It also supports any pay structure enabling companies to vary pay by geo, job class, grade, or legal entities. Employee Central facilitates reporting and industry compliance by making sure all user actions are saved and easily accessible through point-intime reporting and easy audit trail reports.

Designed for Everyone

Like all of SuccessFactors’ offerings, Employee Central is built for its 10 million users in the cloud. This approach results in a radically simple user experience for every role in the organization. Specific to core HR transactions, it reduces errors in self-service and boosts adoption through innovations such as built-in wizards, smart business rules, org charts, inline comments, audit history, and flexible workflows.

Provides Seamless Integration

SuccessFactors handles the integration between Employee Central and any system including payroll, benefits, ERP, and time management solutions. Its cloud-based integration platform enables enterprise-class, fast, and cost-effective integration. Also, SuccessFactors’ partnership with leading payroll providers further accelerates integration through the use of pre-built connectors.

Runs in the Cloud

Employee Central is a pure SaaS-based solution with a much lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than on-premise core HR solutions — customers have seen up to 3X lower TCO over five years. Also, it easily scales as business needs expand while delivering constant innovation without disruption.

To succeed, organizations need a workforce that clearly understands the organization’s strategic objectives and can quickly adjust course as business needs evolve.

A powerful Performance & Goals solution enables managers to align employee activities with organizational strategy and monitor performance – providing subordinates with continuous, meaningful feedback and coaching.

Part of SuccessFactors BizX Suite, SuccessFactors Performance & Goals is the leading Employee Performance Management solution (Gartner, 2011 Magic Quadrant for Employee Performance Management Software) – providing an intuitive user experience and innovative capabilities such as Team Rater, Calibration, Legal Check, Goal Library, and Assistants for Writing and Coaching.

These innovations help ensure aligned, clear goals and an objective, accurate assessment of talent. SuccessFactors’ research shows that companies who leverage these capabilities outperform their peers, and even the broad market. In fact, SuccessFactors customers have out performed the NASDAQ index by 2X, and the DOW/S&P indices by 8x.

Help Employees and Managers Develop Fully Aligned,Meaningful Goals

  • Goals Library of more than 500 SMART (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely) goals provides instant recommendations
  • Reinforce goals everyday with intuitive updating of effort, success probability, and comments
  • Managers can set cascading goals and see individual, team, or company-wide progress
  • Improve compliance by providing evidence of an objective review process. Plus, Legal Scan helps facilitate compliance with Sarbanes-Oxley and other regulations

Create a More Accurate, Clear and Engaging Review Process

  • An easy to use, next generation interface promotes faster user adoption, increased engagement and review completion rates, and better quality reviews
  • Writing assistants, 360 degree reviews, and configurable review routings turn the review process into a valuable ongoing feedback loop between managers, subordinates, and peers
  • Integration with MS Outlook lets users instantly add Outlook reminders so they never miss a review, and easily solicit and collect feedback from co-workers
  • Unique Team Rater and Team Overview capabilities help managers ensure consistency and fairness across the team

Help Managers Provide Accurate and Meaningful Feedback and Coaching

  • With Team Rater, visually assess your team’s performance – easily identifying top performers Leverage 360 degree reviews to help increase accuracy and effectiveness in providing feedback
  • Writing Assistant and Coaching Advisor tools help managers eliminate writers block and provide more meaningful feedback
  • Solicit feedback (comments, not rating) in an easy, integrated approach that makes it easy to request and respond to feedback request

Help Executives Clearly Identify Not Just High Performers, but Potential Future Leaders

  • Visually compare and rate your talent—easily identifying top (and bottom) performers based on their individual competencies with Team Rater
  • Help reduce risk and ensure compliance with Calibration and LegalScan
  • View performance against goals (or all levels) via intuitive dashboards and spotlights
  • Create a pay-for-performance culture
  • Gain insight into organizational performance with powerful analytics and reporting

Employee compensation is the largest expense for most companies yet, compensation planning that relies on e-mail and spreadsheets is error prone, unsecured, and unproductive. Most solutions lack the deep integration with talent management systems to seamlessly bring the needed data to compensation administrators and line managers so they can determine who is truly high performing and reward them appropriately.

Part of SuccessFactors HCM, SuccessFactors Compensation is part of our industry leading Talent solution (Gartner Magic Quadrant 2013 for Talent Management Suites). SuccessFactors Compensation helps business leaders,  compensation managers, and HR professionals dramatically improve budget accuracy, reduce risk, and tie their greatest expense—employee pay— to actual business results. Unlike personal productivity tools such as Excel, or other solutions that simply ‘reinterpret’ Excel spreadsheets, SuccessFactors Compensation streamlines and simplifies compensation planning, provides visibility and insight for total compensation management, and uniquely enables a pay for performance culture.

Run Comprehensive, Secure and Accurate Compensation Process

  • Support for multiple compensation components including salary, bonus, and equity awards
  • Validation checks and reports on data and calculations at each step allow administrators to detect and correct discrepancies as they occur
  • Intuitive, configurable workflow and approval rules
  • Automated routing with optional hierarchical approval
  • Simplifies communication and keeps the process on schedule

 Ensure Fairness, Engagement and Retention with Calibration

  • Align and provide a clear linkage between employee performance and employee compensation
  • Help ensure objective, fact-based decisions around performance and compensation by removing manual calibration processes and providing intuitive, visual comparisons of employees
  • View ratings and pay distributions in bin and grid views and visually compare employees
  • Use easy-to-read graphs, views and filters to make sense of calibration goals and status

 Get Visibility and Insight for Total Compensation Analysis

  • Gain comprehensive insight with Total Rewards Statements
  • Track financial and business goals, and compare target metrics to actual results to determine payouts (using
  • step scale models or linear interpolation)
  • Quickly assess and validate compensation process with Live Metrics
  • Forecast business and fiscal results to model different bonus payouts
  • More than 20 pre-built reports, covering: Pay for Performance, Budget Rollups, Exceptions, Discrimination and Legal Compliance, Employee Details
  • Provide easy to understand reports of bonus calculations for managers and employees
  • Compensation, training, and employee data can be combined with additional business data for more comprehensive compensation visibility and insight

 Assurance that Budgets are Used Wisely, are Compliant and Auditable

  • Flexible budget modeling with support for cascading and global merit planning
  • Auto-calculated increases incorporate multiple elements (e.g, performance rating, job level, pay grade, range penetration, compa-ratio, etc.) as well as company guidelines
  • Help Reduce Risk with Greater Legal & Audit Compliance
  • Data for audits is automatically captured and stored
  • Pre-built reports for Discrimination and Legal Compliance

Leverage the Power of a Complete Performance Management Suite and beyond

  •  As an integrated part of SuccessFactors HCM, compensation forms can be provided in 34 languages
  • Complements best SucessFactors Performance & Goal and Succession Management
  • Native integration with SAP ERP HR and the Payroll data to “pay for performance”

SuccessFactors is transforming how the workforce learns, by combining formal, informal, social, and extended learning together with innovative content management, analytics, and mobile capabilities. The result is learning that drives business execution and delivers better business results.

As the recognized leader in Learning and Talent Management (Gartner, 2013 Magic Quadrant for Talent), SuccessFactors Learning helps learning professionals reduce risk and ensure compliance, improve employee performance, and better enable external audiences. Unlike other solutions, SuccessFactors Learning leverages social, mobile, and analytic capabilities along with a powerful, elegant user experience that increases learning adoption and results.  SuccessFactors Learning can also be leveraged as part of SuccessFactors unified HCM Suite and Talent Solutions.  This allows SuccessFactors Learning to uniquely and powerfully address any type of learning requirement – from formal, compliance driven training to social /informal communities, and even external training environments – all from one seamless cloud-based solution.

Learning Analytics

What’s the real impact of your learning programs? Beyond course completions, learning must prove results that matter to the business – whether its through the Kirkpatrick Levels of Corporate Training Evaluation, or other internally assigned metrics, learning administrators must be able to answer questions such as:

  • What’s the performance of employees in learning programs versus those not enrolled?
  • Is there a correlation between the % of all learning costs and firm profitability?

Beyond basic reporting, SuccessFactors Learning provides the insight needed to drive the business forward.

Learning Management System (LMS)

A LMS allows your organization to deploy a comprehensive learning strategy that includes instructor led training (ILT), eLearning, virtual learning, exams, certifications, and extended learning. The LMS allows you to create courses and curriculum based on performance goals, career and succession plans, organizational development and compliance objectives, or for individual, personal development. Plus, it ensures you have records, reports and insight to meet government and industry-specific regulatory compliance needs. With features such as automated assignment profiles, and multi-part e-signature support, SuccessFactors provides the most powerful, flexible LMS available.

Social Learning

Adding Social and Informal learning to formal learning creates comprehensive blended learning that accelerates employee and business performance. With SuccessFactors Social Learning you can easily find social communities and content relevant content thru a global learning search, collaborate with subject matter experts, and do it all on your mobile device. Plus, employees can instantly, easily capture and share information across social learning communities.  Powered by SAP Jam, SuccessFactors delivers informal and social learning that helps accelerate engagement and results.


Most companies struggle with managing their learning content assets. iContent uniquely provides ‘Content as a Service’ (CaaS) which removes the burden of online content management, reduces costs, increases training efficiency, and greatly improves the user experience. By reducing the overhead and infrastructure administration, organizations realize substantial cost savings and ensure faster, more reliable content delivery. Much more than content hosting, iContent provides bandwidth & delivery (via Akamai), management, plus security and updates for all of your e-learning. iContent enables you to focus on what matters the quality and effectiveness of your training.

Extended Enterprise

Today, you simply can’t afford to allow your customers and partners to be disconnected. Extended Enterprise enables you to better enable your entire business network- partners, supplies, resellers, customers, contractors, volunteers, or association members.  SuccessFactors Learning provides the ability to:

  • Create uniquely branded learning sites
  • Provide learning catalog assignments for different audiences
  • Create a configurable “Marketing Page” for each audience
  • Create promotions, and even process payments in multiple currencies.

With SuccessFactors Learning your extended enterprise will always in the loop, productive and happy.

Recruitment teams are coming under a lot of pressure these days. Not just to deliver great candidates for open positions – but also to build up a talent pool to fill future jobs quicker and to adopt a more strategic approach aligned with your business goals.

We can help. We’re an accredited SuccessFactors partner and we’d like to tell you more about SuccessFactors Recruiting. While most recruitment solutions are limited to the selection piece, SuccessFactors Recruiting combines an intelligent, socially-enabled recruitment marketing platform with collaborative recruitment management. It puts you back in control of your whole recruitment strategy.

SuccessFactors Recruiting can be deployed with any HRIS system.  Whether your strategy is to leverage your SAP On-Premise investment, to move all HCM solutions to the cloud, or to replace your existing recruiting process it can be done with SuccessFactors.

SuccessFactors Recruiting is a cloud-based, integrated recruiting solution that deals quickly and cost effectively with all your recruiting tasks: attracting, engaging, selecting and hiring the people your company needs.  It provides a collaborative platform that lets you, your hiring managers, and everyone else involved share information about candidates, interviews, and selection.  Short of cloning your best staff, the solution’s competency-based approach helps you pinpoint the same types of people from the right sources – and get them through the door with a fast and fair selection process.

The result is a unique recruitment execution solution that gives you a complete view of the talent available – inside and outside your organization. It’s integrated with SuccessFactors’ HCM suite too, delivering the only complete, cloud-based talent management solution out there. And it lets you enjoy your job again by helping you attract, engage and select the best people, while demonstrating tangible business results from your hiring.

With almost 800 customers benefiting from SuccessFactors Recruiting every day, isn’t it time you took a closer look?

Having the right people in the right place to effectively execute on strategy is a perpetual challenge. In any labor market or economy, the talent gap can be severe inside an organization simply because workers are not always in the roles where they can add the most value. Or the unexpected departure of an executive or key employee can leave a profound talent gap that is difficult to fill. The cost to businesses is real and felt in the form of foregone opportunities resulting from leadership gaps, high replacement costs, and failure of companies to manage and align proper talent pools, especially for senior and critical positions.

  • How prepared is your organization to ensure the development and readiness of your employees to execute on your business strategies?
  • What would be the impact to your organization’s business performance if one or more of your key players suddenly walked out the door?
  • Would your organization be properly aligned to promote talent seamlessly from within, without disrupting necessary daily business?
  • Can your company afford to trade quality of business execution for time to talent search?

 Ensure you have the right people in the right place for Business Execution.

SuccessFactors Succession and Development gives your organization the visibility it needs to identify and anticipate the talent gaps in your organization as well as provide the insight required to help you bridge those gaps.  With support for individual, role, and position succession models and development plans, SuccessFactors Succession and Development helps you:

  • Know your Talent – Collect valuable information about your employees that provides insight about their backgrounds, experience, expertise, performance, and career aspirations.
  • Identify Talent Gaps – Easily identify where current and potential talent gaps lead to poor execution within your organizational structure. Assess the impact of loss to your business and gain visibility to your bench strength.
  • Close Talent Gaps with Development Plans – Identify the competency gaps in your talent and build actionable development plans that balance the needs of the company with individual career goals. Broaden the Nomination Pool – Expand your talent search beyond your immediate sphere by leveraging robust nomination capabilities and a company-wide talent search engine.
  • Calibrate – Easily ensure objective, accurate ratings of talent across groups and departments. Promote the Right Talent – Identify the right candidates to fill leadership gaps quickly and objectively using competency-based search capabilities and side-by-side comparisons of top candidates.

 Feature Snapshot – Quickly Identify and Eliminate Talent Gaps

SuccessFactors Succession and Development helps organizations proactively plan for change by providing visibility into existing talent pools and potential talent gaps and gives you the intuitive tools, reports, and search capabilities to identify quality successors. Key capabilities include:

  • Succession Organization Chart – A dynamic, easy to read visual summary of existing and potential leadership gaps.
  • Talent Search – Company-wide successor searches using comprehensive search criteria.
  • Performance-Potential Matrix – Plots employees along an easy to read chart that clearly identifies top and under performers.
  • Side-by-Side Comparison – Easy candidate comparison by dimensions such as education, experience, and more.
  • Employee Scorecard – Vital metrics for each employee in a single baseball card-like snapshot.
  • Instant Nominations – Instantly search for successors and nominate them on the fly.
  • Succession Lineage Chart – Insight into the “domino effect” that could take place if a high-level succession plan is put into action.
  • Career Development Plans – With a rich competency library of nearly 100 competencies including behavioral descriptions, managers and employee can create actionable plans that address competency gaps and career goals.
  • Calibration – A visual and highly interactive way to identify top performers for succession plans and ensure an accurate rating across teams, geographies and the entire company.

Exaserv Differentiators

HR Focus– Since our inception, Exaserv has concentrated significantly on HR solutions. Our passion is centered on providing world-class HR systems using available technologies that our clients can choose from.

Trusted Advisors– Exaserv provides expert analysis and assessments for customers in search of new HR directions. Our pragmatic approach and unparalleled knowledge of HR solutions make us valuable industry leaders.

Certified Consultants– All our SuccessFactors consultants are certified and have a 100% success rate with our customers.

Pre-Sales Services– At Exaserv, our Business Development team is among the most requested to assist the sales process among both SAP and SAP Partners. In addition to our own demo system, the Exaserv resource team is recognized as a leading partner for introducing SAP HR solutions. Knowing what exactly you are getting is the first important step to success.

Internal Talent Management– Exaserv has SuccessFactors expertise. We not only believe in and sell the solution, we use it as well! SuccessFactors has been implemented and is utilized across our global organization.

Project Delivery– Exaserv has a 100% success rate in delivering projects on-time and in budget. Unsuccessful implementations can reflect on the solution as much as the services provider. You can be confident that any implementation project led by Exaserv will attain that same level of success.

Certified Partner– Exaserv is both a SAP and SuccessFactors certified partner. These certifications not only solidifies our partnership with SAP, but establishes our commitment to providing our customers with the best possible solution.