Social Collaboration

SAP Jam delivers social collaboration where you are connecting customers, partners, and colleagues with information, applications, and processes to solve business-critical problems and to drive results – all in your business applications, on your mobile device, or in SAP Jam.

Whether it’s to collaborate on a sales strategy and engage customers, drive feedback on a new finance policy, or to select and manage key suppliers, social needs to be core to your work to decrease training costs, shorten sales cycles, and reduce supplier risk.

SAP Jam eliminates social silos

SAP Jam eliminates social silos in your organization by delivering a single, secure, cloud-based foundation across your entire company, applications, and business processes.  By bringing together social collaboration under one roof, you get a unified work experience that pulls together everything you need to collaborate with customers, partners, or colleagues.

Turbo-charge your work and applications

SAP Jam brings together several types of social collaboration including social networking, collaboration with external participants (customers, recruits, partners, vendors, suppliers), structured collaboration for problem solving (business  tools to strategize, rank items, enabling groups to weigh in on options, etc.), and business process integration.  Only this combination of features enables you to seamlessly bring social into any business process: social learning, social opportunity management, collaborative customer engagement and more.


Department Benefits in Making Your Work Social

Reduce training costs with social learning

Streamline HR Processes
Share best practices to drive engagement
Reduce training costs with social learning


Sales Shorten sales cycles with social opportunity management and ‘deal rooms’
Strengthen relationships and boost win rates with collaborative customer engagement


Customer Service Improve time to resolution and contact center metrics with collaborative case management
Increase customer engagement to improve satisfaction


Marketing Streamline program planning, execution, and analysis with social campaign management
Keep projects on track with social vendor management
Collaborate with social media data to drive rapid analysis and customer response


Supply Chain Involve cross-company teams in collaborative vendor or bid selection
Quickly align sales planning inventory forecasts with collaborative sales and operations planning


IT Avoid social silos by delivering a social collaboration foundation across the business that provides a single, seamless, aggregated experience