Finance / Travel and Expense

SAP’s cloud solutions for financial management allow you to streamline your accounting processes and increase overall efficiency while gaining transparency and insight into your financial performance.

Exaserv can help you transitioning to the SAP Cloud solutions such as “Simple Finance” and “Travel and Expense Management”.

Simple Finance

SAP Simple Finance, A set of solutions to bring the simplicity of SAP Cloud powered by SAP HANA to finance departments worldwide. As a leader in finance solutions for the last several decades, SAP worked closely with customers to identify the most complex tasks in finance and make them simpler to consume and perform. The result is SAP Simple Finance, based on SAP HANA in SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud, delivering real-time insights to CFOs and finance departments so they can transform their business. SAP Simple Finance takes full advantage of the in-memory SAP HANA platform with new finance capabilities, offers a new and beautiful user experience for easy access, all deployed in SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud under a full subscription model, making it easy for finance departments to adopt these solutions.

Accelerated Finance Transformation

SAP Simple Finance has been built to help meet the evolving business needs of finance departments. This set of solutions includes advanced capabilities and innovations, including:

  • Providing a single source of truth between transactions and analytics to streamline and eliminate cycle times and reconciliations of the data
  • New on-the-fly capabilities for moving finance processing, such as month-end activities, from batch to real time
  • Innovative rapid planning and forecasting combined with predictive analysis to explore new business models and immediately assess potential effects on the bottom line
  • New reporting and analytics capabilities for finance users with self-service access to all information, allowing instant insight-to-action
  • Connections to business networks in real time to establish an integrated business ecosystem and help drive optimal collaboration with customers, suppliers, banks and government authorities
  • Global regulatory compliance capabilities across currencies, languages and industries with built-in legal compliance capabilities and continuous risk assessment along all enterprise processes

SAP Cloud Solutions for Finance

Beginning with Exaserv’s Cloud Adoption Assessment, Exaserv can help you prioritize workloads and then support a staged, customized migration plan that helps your organization build competence and confidence in cloud computing. Progressive stages focus on:

Horizontal shared services. Initially, moving office productivity tools such as Cloud Mail and Collaboration software to the cloud allows organizations to achieve immediate cost savings as part of a quickly implemented, low-risk project.

Back-office support applications. Next, support applications such as claims and legal management, printing, image and archive, business intelligence, and credit scoring are becoming available on a software-as-a-service basis. Exaserv plans to provide multiple options, from cloud deployment to traditional in-house installation, to give companies greater flexibility — integrating both Exaserv and non-Exaserv systems.

Modernized core applications. Then, Exaserv can help you exploit the on-demand capacity and variable costs of cloud computing by transforming core applications for banking, insurance and payment processing. In addition to developing a full range of core financial services software, EXASERV also works with companies to modernize their homegrown and third-party systems. These applications can be deployed in a private cloud located in a remote data center or on your premises.

New services and applications. At any point in the process, Exaserv can help your organization tap into the opportunities available only in a cloud environment. Exaserv develops and deploys high-impact cloud-only solutions that include mobile apps, new business, claims and customer service. This approach can help you improve service, reach new markets and quickly gain a competitive advantage.

To meet strict demands for security, compliance and performance, financial services companies will create hybrid cloud environments for many applications. Exaserv can help assess, analyze and prioritize the workloads to cloud-enable them — and provide the software, infrastructure and support you need to take full advantage of cloud computing.

Simplify even the most complex tasks in finance – with the SAP Cloud powered by SAP HANA. Boost finance agility with cloud solutions that help improve efficiency while strengthening financial controls. Easily comply with financial reporting standards for both local and global requirements. And transform financial data into strategic insight for all lines of business.

  • Streamline accounting processes and increase overall efficiency
  • Gain transparency and insight into financial performance
  • Deliver business insights directly to the mobile device
  • Achieve real-time visibility into your cash flow and liquidity
  • Control travel expense cost and improve compliance with corporate policies

Travel and Expense Management

With SAP Cloud for Travel and Expense, you can manage your business travel, from planning to expense reimbursements. Designed for the way you travel, SAP’s solution lets you travel smarter, spend better, get reimbursed faster – all while staying in compliance with corporate policies and delivering on your business goals.

The solution lets you:

  • Control your travel – from pre-trip approval and online booking to travel receipt capture and expense reimbursements
  • Get real-time guidance to stay within your corporate travel policies for planning trips and submitting expenses
  • Enter and submit receipts and expense reports anytime, anywhere, for faster approval and payment
  • Understand your corporate compliance standards, booking policies, preferred travel suppliers, and expense limits
  • Manage your travel and expenses effortlessly, so you can concentrate on your business goals, manage travel on your mobile device