Benefits of Cloud Computing

  1. Use latest functionality ongoing.

With in-the-cloud technology, businesses can take advantage of cutting-edge functionality.  Cloud solutions are known for forward-thinking solution developments and ahead-of-trend user-group innovation. Cloud solutions are continuously updated and automatically rolled out to all customers.


  1. Up and running faster.

Deployment time is reduced with minimal IT engagement, shortened learning curve, getting customers up and running quickly; providing faster entry into, and usage of, the solution.


  1. Consumer grade UI with higher user adoption.

The users are very familiar with high-end user interfaces through iphone apps, shopping sites, etc. The user interface of your business applications needs to be appealing and engaging. Cloud solutions are focused to deliver consumer grade UIs, resulting in a greater user adoption.


  1. Available anywhere, anytime.

Employees can access the system on the go, anywhere and at any time through multiple devices. Quickly globalize HR processes.


  1. Timely updates

Cloud solutions provide timely updates with a rapid roll-out process.  Enhancements are delivered in real-time pushes; all applied under client consent and control.


  1. HR “owns system” (changes/config)

The system is easily modified by HR, creating independence from IT.  Managers and employees can personalize their own views and settings to increase ease-of-use and adaptability.


  1. Highly secure/compliant

Customer data is always secure using state-of-the-art facilities with stringent data security requirements.  Ongoing certification processes are a top priority to maintain the highest compliancy standards globally.


  1. Achieve economies of scale

Increase volume output or productivity with fewer people.  Your cost per unit, project, or product plummets.


  1. No capital cost

With Software-as-a-Service solutions there is no up-front capital cost required.  Customers pay as they go, making the solution an operating expense with software, services, and support all combined into one monthly cost.


  1. Scalability

The system can easily and quickly scale to adapt to organizational changes.  Companies can add new users and functionality as needed.