Our Values / Our Vision / Our Mission

corevalues-300x220Be the Best
Whether they are working with customers or fellow employees, all Exaserv employees are encouraged to be the best in everything they do. We recognize top performers and encourage others to emulate the effort and dedication required to be the best on a daily basis.

Work Hard, Play Hard
At Exaserv we encourage a proper work life balance, respect the commitment of others to external activities and interests, and facilitate a good balance for ourselves and others. This kind of work life balance is essential to our culture and to our employees remaining productive and energized.

Create Personal Development Opportunities
The growth and development of our employees is key to the success of Exaserv, so we aim to continuously provide educational, leadership and visibility opportunities to employees at all levels. We do this through active knowledge development and sharing, being helpful to support other people in reaching their objectives and sharing credit for success as well as responsibility for failure.

Employees First
At Exaserv the development, success and well-being of our employees comes first. We aim to provide culture, opportunities and a working environment that puts our employees above all else.

Exaserv employees must demonstrate awareness and respect for individual, cultural and organizational differences within the firm and in clients’ organizations: Respect leads to understanding; understanding leads to better communication; better communication leads to better results.

Ecstatic Customers
Exaserv’s long-term growth and success depends upon the satisfaction of our customers. Since our founding, Exaserv has been known for sticking to our commitments to customers, demonstrating stamina and poise to reach objectives we have set, and for focusing on objectives and deliverables until they are realized. It is this commitment and customer focus that drives us and we make no exceptions.

We focus first and foremost on the needs of our clients and employees. We believe in adding value through innovation and best practices.

We combine strengths beyond team, company and country borders.

We aim at sustainable growth while protecting the Exaserv culture and reputation.

  • To be the long term, trusted partner of decision makers in the alignment of business and information technology
  • To combine our strengths with our clients’ expertise to maximize added value while minimizing TCO
  • To assist our clients in delivering result-oriented solutions in line with their business strategy