About Us

What we do
Whether you are a company looking for a Cloud or On-Premise HCM solution; Exaserv can be your partner.  Exaserv is a global consulting organization that provides Cloud solutions, implementation services, application support, and specialized products for SAP® HCM. The company utilizes cutting-edge technology and delivery approaches to drive faster implementation and higher return on investment. To lower project costs and achieve meaningful results faster, Exaserv focuses on continued development of products, services and solutions through innovation to make SAP® HCM easier to use for customers of all sizes. Exaserv maintains its global headquarters in Alpharetta, Georgia and has European operations in Luxembourg and Asia-Pacific operations in Malaysia.

How we do it
At Exaserv, we believe solving SAP HCM challenges requires a flexible approach. We understand that every organization is unique. That’s why we offer a broad range of services, including consulting, implementation and support. Plus, we’ve developed a suite of products for companies who need quick, simple solutions to enhance their SAP software. Whether we’re working with employees, HR professionals or IT professionals, we have the ability to adapt our approach to fit each person’s – and each organization’s – needs. This philosophy has led us to complete over 100 successful projects worldwide.Exaserv-Business-Model-291x300



Our core competencies

Exaserv combines broad Human Resources, Talent Management, Payroll and Technology expertise to provide customers with comprehensive and affordable SAP HCM solutions.  Our specialized implementation methodologies and first-class project management skills deliver projects on-time and on-budget; every time.

100% Project Success

“There is no secret about our success. We just do whatever it takes to deliver beyond expectations. It really pays off for our customers and that’s the only thing we care about.”


As an early global partner with SuccessFactors, Exaserv is one of the few SAP partners that is certified to implement SuccessFactors BizX™ software. We pair our extensive SAP HCM implementation experience with years of in house add-on software development, making Exaserv an ideal partner to implemet SuccessFactors in any organization. In a world where cloud and hybrid cloud solutions are quickly becoming a standard part of enterprise IT solutions, Exaserv and our highly trained consultants are uniquely positioned to help lead clients through that transition.

Exaserv Differentiators

 Trusted Advisors – Exaserv provides expert analysis and assessments for customers in search of new HR directions. Our pragmatic approach and unparalleled knowledge of HR solutions make us valuable industry leaders.

 Certified Consultants – To immediately solidify our commitment to the SuccessFactors partnership, we enrolled our best consultants and resources in certification courses. Our HR expertise and project execution, combined with the SuccessFactors solution, will be a tremendous value for all of our customers worldwide.

 Pre-Sales Services – At Exaserv, our Business Development team is among the most requested to assist the sales process among both SAP and SAP Partners. In addition to our own demo system, the Exaserv resource team is recognized as a leading partner for introducing SAP HR solutions to new clients; we are excited to bring these services to the SuccessFactors team.

 Internal Talent Management – Exaserv has SuccessFactors expertise. We not only believe and sell the solution, we use it as well! SuccessFactors has been implemented and is utilized across our global organization.

 Project Delivery – Exaserv has a 100% success rate in delivering projects on-time and in budget. Unsuccessful implementations can reflect on the solution as much as the services provider. SuccessFactors can be confident that any implementation project led by Exaserv will attain that same level of success.

 Certified Partner – Exaserv is both a SAP and SuccessFactors certified partner. This certification not only solidifies our partnership with SAP, but establishes our commitment to the SuccessFactors team for the same strong commitment as well