Get your SuccessFactors subscription at Exaserv. We will help you determine what the ideal package is for you and provide you with extremely competitive pricing.


No longer a large upfront investment to cover implementation and training. A simple fee per user per month covers subscription, implementation, customer care and continuous improvement. No more surprises.


Exaserv will help you set up SuccessFactors according to your needs. Every company is different. We help you take full advantage of the best practices in SuccessFactors while maintaining your uniqueness and identity.

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Why Exaserv?

Exaserv is a Global SuccessFactors Solution Provider. Our main packaged solution “Exaserv One”, combines the reselling of SuccessFactors with deployment, customer care and continuous improvement. Exaserv One truly creates a “no-worry” full predictable scenario for our customers.

Exaserv’s clients range from small organizations (300 employees), to large global organizations, which include 10,000+ employees.  Our global teams located in North America, Europe and Asia, guarantee customer care from the initial transaction through the entire lifecycle of the SuccessFactors environment.

At Exaserv, we believe solving HCM challenges requires a flexible approach. While every organization is unique, our primary focus is to work together to enhance the best practice scenarios with your company culture, and guide you through the Talent Journey as One.


Top 5 Why

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SuccessFactors Solutions

5 Reasons why!



1.       Transform recruiting into a strategic part of your talent strategy.
2.       Utilize one end-to-end recruiting solution.
3.       Attract and engage more candidates.
4.       Select better employees.
5.       Continuously measure the results.



1.       Guide hiring managers to make onboarding a strategic process.
2.       Empower new hires by connecting onboarding to other key talent management activities.
3.       Improve job satisfaction.
4.       Improve time to productivity.
5.       Improve first year retention.

Employee Central

1.      One global system of record with seamless integration for on-premises and cloud solutions.
2.      Complete, comprehensive workforce profiles with combined HR and talent data.
3.      Optimize workforce productivity with social collaboration.
4.      Powerful analytics with actionable insights.
5.      Continuous innovation with quarterly enhancements.

Employee Central Payroll

1.      Global reach available in 30+ countries, supporting thousands of organizations.
2.      Proven solution based on the world’s leading-edge platform.
3.      Conveniently manage payroll in-house via a cloud-based solution.
4.      Delivers legal compliance and localization.
5.      Powerful with SAP’s payroll engine, but delivered with scalability and flexibility.



1.      Pay your people based on achievement.
2.      Establish a pay-for-performance culture.
3.      Retain top talent.
4.      Increase productivity across the organization.
5.      Drive better compensation decisions with calibration and objective ratings.


Performance and Goals

1.      Communicate corporate strategy.
2.      Create meaningful individual goals across the organization.
3.      Focus employees on what matters, while enabling executives to monitor goal
4.      progress in real-time.
5.      Reward, measure, and tie employee performance to business results.



1.      Develop a comprehensive learning strategy with a complete learning management solution (LMS).
2.      Enables you to manage, develop and deploy instructor-led training
3.      formal and social online training.
4.      Eliminates the need to manage the infrastructure, bandwidth & delivery, management, security and updates for all of your e-learning programs.
5. Integrate performance, career development and learning plans


Succession and Development

1.      Anticipate and plan for staffing changes.
2.      Assure the readiness of employee talent at all levels.
3.      Align learning activities with competency gaps.
4.      Arm your workforce for current and future needs.
5.      Improve motivation with continuous development and career planning.

WorkForce Planning

1.      Leverage in-depth workforce information and benchmarks.
2.      Assess readiness to execute strategies.
3.      Forecast the impact of business.
4.      Empower executives to make better decisions.
5.      Mitigate risk and prepare to take action.

Workforce Analytics

1.      Deliver actionable, quantitative insights to your business leaders.
2.      Utilize a powerful combination of talent and business data.
3.      Produces easy to understand and consume information.
4.      Creates a catalyst for positive change in the business.
5.      Get trends information right on your dashboard


1.      Improve employee productivity and teamwork.
2.      Combine collaboration, communication, and content-creation, internally and externally.
3.      Provide a private social network to increase thought-sharing.
4.      Empower all employees – even right from a mobile device.
5.      Enable employees to showcase their expertise in an open-forum.

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From the Blog

Are you a Boss or a Leader?

“A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.” – John C. Maxwell.   Gone are the days where managers are simply taught to manage, not lead, and a boss, lead, but not manage.  In the millennial workplace, the two words coincide, while the traditional mindset is more insufficient.   Rather a manager or a boss, being an efficient leader will take your team far further than your job description.   Noted in a recent Forbes article, in today’s society a trust-based leader is more effective and profitable for overall betterment and movement of the company.  If you hold a leadership position currently in your organization, here are three ways to distinguish if you are simply being a manager, a boss, or real LEADER, carrying the team on your shoulders to ultimately meet company missions and goals.

  1. Mission – Manager View: it’s the manager’s job to run an apparatus and make sure its running smoothly and prevent incidents from occurring. Leaders view: take an opposite stand, your team runs everything you accomplish. It’s a constant Team Effort! A leader asks their team for input, perspective, viewpoints, creativity, etc. You know the saying, it’s no I in team and the team all has one goal in mind and that is to accomplish the task at hand.
  2. Self-Awareness – A leader is a leader always regardless of emotions, especially fear. Fear is the verb which separates a Leader from a manager. Fear allows one to react in certain ways they wouldn’t normally because of such emotion. Instead leaders operate through trust versus making threats. Lastly, it’s not always about being right, leaders know when to admit their faults, be empathetic, express gratitude and appreciation.
  3. Risk and Trust – Putting your career in other people’s hands is a great risk, but great risk brings high reward. With trust comes vulnerability, which allows a leader to learn who they are as a person and as a leader, as well as learn and trust others. Risk and trust is a constant struggle for managers as putting your faith in others, from whom you do not love, can become hard to manage. This is where the leader inside of every manger should exude; as a leader you have to know when to be an Indian and not a chief. Your team has brilliant ideas, at times let them carry you to the finish line.



To Benefit from…

To Benefit from…

“Write your injuries in dust, your benefits in marble.” – Benjamin Franklin. So, you’ve hired a new employee or more, now what are you, as HR, providing to new hires to retain them, possibly health insurance, 401K, vacation time, etc.? These fringe benefits are critical factors to the success of your team and overall organization. Fringe benefits can be defined as benefits provided by the employer as various forms of nonwage compensation to an employee, in addition to their normal wages and salary. Fringe benefits include but not limited to; company cars, sick leave, profit sharing, retirement plans, education funding, child-care plans, long-term and life assurance, and relocation assistance. Although an expectation by most job seekers, a competitive fringe benefit packet can make your company more attractive, have applicants more engaged, as well as keep top talent. Who knows, if managed properly, fringe benefits can be a great source to hiring candidates. You may be wondering how the company itself can benefit from these fringe benefits, let me tell you, when companies negotiate with insurance companies, this will lower the cost per employee; therefore the employee feels more assurance and might stay awhile.  In today’s society, retaining top talent has become more difficult, not to mention the the cost of health care is at an all-time high.  Here is where offering a competitive benefit package can be to a company’s advantage. Employees will work harder if they have more to benefit from, fringe benefit that is.




HCM Technology – The Change is NOW!

“Change is the end result of all true learning.”  – Leo Buscaglia. 2017 is the year of many changes, as January was the inauguration of business man, President Donald Trump. Just in a few months he and his cabinet aimed to substitute, amend, and replace, etc., many of the laws former President Barack Obama executed during his presidency.  As this relates to the business world, 2017 is the year of compliance reversal, and in order to keep up with this change, organizations will need to move toward HR/payroll systems using cloud-based solutions. While focusing on the cloud, mobile friendly sites are another feature, HR should be moving towards, as organizations are developing their full sites to be totally capable by the user.  If your organization is not up on game yet, consider looking for HCM software which deploys via mobile (e.g. SAP SuccessFactors).  The world revolves around mobile devices!  Recruiting, a top priority of HR, primary focus should be marketing to attract top talent. Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) in the cloud are doing just this, take SuccessFactors Recruiting Marketing for instance, a visually appealing, mobile friendly, easy accessible website promoting your organizations to draw in substantial applicants. Online self-service is almost becoming a fad; while voice activated information distribution is the new trend. The world has grown into instant gratification, so gone are the days where a person will have to log in to a website to receive information, they can receive an answer instantly by talking to a phone or other device.

The world of HR, specifically HCM technology is constantly evolving, therefore, it is HR’s responsibility to understand what is occurring, notice the trends, and implement accordingly. 2017 is yet another exciting year for HCM technology. Allow your organization to get on board and join this train of new solutions, innovation, and growth.  So, if you need to let go of the software or HCM method your organization is using now, never fear, another cloud-based solution is here. Take advantage of it now, GO!


Appreciate before it’s TOO Late

“Appreciation is a wonderful thing: It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.” – Voltaire. Appreciation for your colleagues, coworkers, employees, can happen at any moment; it doesn’t have to be a special occasion to recognize persons for their contributions. In actuality, small tokens of appreciation spread throughout the year go a long way, as this brings value to not just the person receiving the appreciation but the team as a whole. So, I know what you’re thinking, “What kind of ways can I show appreciation in the workplace?” Well I’m here to tell you, opportunities are unlimited and it starts with a thought. Don’t just stop here; use this lesson of appreciation, in your personal lives.  Show the people that matter most to you, they are appreciated. This way it becomes easier! More acts of appreciation towards your employees can in fact keep a person motivated about the overall organizational goal. In a recent article posted in the Balance, ten ways were explained on how to show employees appreciation; I have provided my Top Five:

  1. Praise something your coworker has done well – Identify an admirable action, give praise, and emphasize the action to be seen more often. (i.e. “You did an awesome job on the weekly presentation today.”
  2. Say thank you – Any small act of kindness and courtesy goes a long way. Just like in our personal lives, these social niceties’ too belong in the workplace.
  3. Present a personalized gift – know your employees personal interest to present gifts from time to time. A gift does not have to be material things, as a card showing appreciation and compassion goes a long way.
  4. Almost everyone appreciates food – Any day is a day for celebration; take employees out for lunch dates to show appreciation, special occasions, and showcase employees for meeting goals or deadlines for the week or month.
  5. Finally, provide opportunity – Cross training, attending conferences, organizational events, spread the wealth with your employees has they can benefit from it and contribute to the team. This provides even more of a reason to show appreciation.

Appreciation: the recognition and enjoyment of the good qualities of someone or something. Show an act of kindness today by appreciating those around you.




Bridge the Gap – Between Remote Employees and Employers

“Your problem is to bridge the gap which exists between where you are now and the goal you intend to reach.”– Earl Nightingale. You got a new job, it’s your first day, jitters maybe…, not as much, as you are a remote employee.  The day in a life of a remote employee, are flexible work hours, comfortable clothing, a computer, and headphones. As a remote employee, being micro-managed is less of a thought; as scientifically is states that by working remotely, employees are more productive. 

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Want to Keep your Top Talent – Here is How?

“Becoming is better than being.” —  Carol Dweck, Mindset. In today’s business world, gone are the days where companies call all the shots, assured that talented employees would stay for the duration of their career, rather now, we exist in the “Age of the employee.”  As the world evolves, employees do as well. The paradigm shift occurs as economic success depends on creativity, innovation, talent, optimism, enthusiasm, determination, and good work ethic, more than required raw labor.

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